Special Express 36 International Express from Hat Yai Junction to Bangkok Hua Lamphong by Train [Daewoo Air-Conditioned Second Class Day & Night Coach (ANS40)]

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 001

The Special Express 36 International Express was an international train running from Butterworth, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand via Hat Yai Junction. Most parts of the train starts from Hat Yai Junction, with just 2 coaches heading from Butterworth, Malaysia. As this was the highest class train then, I opted to head on to Bangkok with the Special Express 36 International Express.

For ease of ticket purchase, I had actually bought my ticket on the through car from Malaysia from Padang Besar to Bangkok, as this means that I could buy my ticket from any KTM Intercity station. Remember, this was before the era of online ticketing. However, I boarded the train only from Hat Yai Junction. A small “fee” to pay for convenience.

This trip was done on 13 March 2011, 4 years before RailTravel Station was launched, so I seek your understanding if the pictures or descriptions are not up to usual standards since I had no plans to write about them when I took the trip 9 years ago.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 009

The rake of the Special Express 36 was already shunted in to the platform more than an hour before departure.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 008

I headed into the Air-Conditioned First Class Day & Night Coach (ANF) to check it out.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 002

The day time configuration of the ANF with the armrest out.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 003

Pillows are prepared on an overhead rack.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 004

There are 12 air-conditioning vents for you to create your own air flow in your compartment.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 006

Pairs of compartments have connecting doors for more space if you have booked such connecting compartments for up to 4 passengers.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 007

Looking north to Bangkok from the end of the ANF before the locomotive comes in.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 010

Hat Yai Junction has plenty of station hawkers selling fried chcken with sticky rice. If you are in a non-air-conditioned coach, it’s easy to purchase your food from the train through the windows.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 011

The station sign of Hat Yai Junction, not showing the Padang Besar branch line.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 013

Checking out the Air-Conditioned Restaurant Car (ARC) next.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 014

The dinner menu on the Air-Conditioned Restaurant Car (ARC).

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 015

Finally, the portion of the International Express was shunted in, with the coach I am booked on (since I had a KTM ticket from Padang Besar).

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 016

I was booked on Coach 10.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 017

Once on board, the restaurant waiter wasted no time in handing out menus to take dinner orders from everyone.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 018

As I had dinner before boarding, I only ordered a Sweet and Sour Chicken with non-spicy soup, stir-fried pork curry and fruits. This costs 150 Baht.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 019

After my dinner, the attendant came around to make my bed for the night.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 021

My lower berth for the night with the blanket opened up from its packaging already.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 022

The morning view from the rear of the train.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 023

There are open sinks outside the toilet cubicles so you needn’t queue for the toilet if all you need to use is the sink.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 02436up Hat Yai Bangkok 025

The sunrise as seen from on board the Special Express 36 International Express.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 026

After the attendant made the bed back into seats, the waiter came around to serve my breakfast which I had ordered the night before.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 028

I ordered the Eggs set including two combined sunny side up eggs, a slice of ham, and 2 small sausages.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 029

Coffee was served in the corporate bogie restaurant train cup.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 030

Heading along the Thai countryside.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 031

Making a brief stop at Ratchaburi.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 03236up Hat Yai Bangkok 033

Crossing with the Ordinary 255 at Prong Madua, due to my train’s delay.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 034

The destination sign of Ordinary 255 from Bangkok Thonburi to Langsuan.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 03536up Hat Yai Bangkok 036

Making a brief stop at Nakhon Pathom, ending the single-track ride.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 037

Making a brief stop at Sala Ya.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 039

A local hawker was selling snacks, so as she same by my seat, I decided to get one of it.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 040

This dessert was so good but I couldn’t memorise what it was called for a few years, but I do now. This is Mo Kaeng which is a burnt Thai custard, but tastes like burnt kaya. Ever since this purchase, I have always bought Mo Kaeng from this particular hawker every time I encounter her on the Southern Line or other sellers on other lines. I forgot how much I paid for it then in 2011, but it costs 35 or 40 Baht for 1 and 100 Baht for 3 today.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 041

Crossing over the Chao Phraya River on the Rama VI Bridge.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 042

Passing by Bang Sue depot.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 043

Making a brief stop at Bang Sue Junction.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 044

How I miss trainspotting at Bang Sue Junction.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 045

Crossing over the busy Phetchaburi Road.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 046

Once at Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station, the laundry company wastes no time in clearing out the sheets on my train to prepare for the turnaround trip.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 04736up Hat Yai Bangkok 048

Alsthom ALS 4146 with the completed Special Express 36 International Express at Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station. This same locomotive brought me from Padang Besar to Hat Yai Junction with the 20up Ekspres Langkawi the day before.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 049

The end of the line at Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station after 3 days of train travelling from the southern buffers at Singapore Tanjung Pagar Railway Station.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 052

The grand platforms at Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 050

The grand waiting hall of Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 051

The portrait of King Chulalongkorn hung above the main pathway from the waiting hall to the platforms.

36up Hat Yai Bangkok 053

Here, I headed down to the MRT station to catch the MRT to my hotel. Then, there was no need to specify it as Blue Line as there was just 1 underground MRT line.

Overall, a pleasant first ride on board the State Railway of Thailand, first long-haul ride from Singapore (but now I don’t consider the Singapore-Bangkok train journey long-haul anymore after my few adventures), and more importantly, my first and last time taking the journey from Singapore to Bangkok buffer to buffer, from Tanjung Pagar Railway Station to Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

This article is part of my very first train trip from Singapore to Bangkok in March 2011. Follow my journey here:

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