Starmart Express from Melaka Sentral to Larkin Sentral and Singapore (Golden Mile Tower) by Bus

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Starmart Express runs frequently from Melaka Sentral to Golden Mile Tower in Singapore with 11 departures a day. It is also the only frequent bus company which does it with 2+1 27-seater buses, with the other main contender, Delima, doing the similar route but with 2+2 40-seater buses. I opted for the 8.15pm bus which gives me enough time to spend in Melaka as well as an assured journey back to Singapore (ie. not getting stranded at Larkin Sentral in case the last CWL or 170 has departed if I were to opt for other bus companies to Larkin Sentral only with a similar departure timing).

This article was originally published on 24 January 2018 on BusTravel Station.

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The Starmart Express bus will also drop passengers off at Yong Peng, Ayer Hitam, Skudai, Tampoi, Tun Aminah and Larkin Sentral if needed.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 04

However, as the Starmart Express counter was unmanned and I’ve already waited for 10 minutes, I walked around the row of counters to see if there were alternative buses. An awkward counter, CatchThatBus, was around the corner (they are an online agent, not a bus company), and are offering buses to Singapore with the exact same timings as Starmart Express.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 05

I got my Starmart Express ticket from the CatchThatBus counter instead, with a wait time of less than 2 minutes. It seems to be an online booking through their website, but payment was done in cash. They even scribbled lines and circles on the A4 paper and stamped it with the platform number, as if it were an actual bus ticket printed at the counter.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 06

Back at Melaka Sentral just before departure, and the Starmart Express counter is still unmanned. Hmm.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 07

Heading on to Platform 18 for my bus back to Singapore.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 08

Hmm, I guess this is the part where it’s said that Melaka Sentral was built based on the design of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). There’s a forest/garden in the middle of the departure hall, but that’s about it. Some seats are available behind the ticket counters and massage chairs.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 09

At about 8pm, my empty Starmart Express bus was already waiting at the platform.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 10

Strange, since the Singapore service is supposed to originate from klia2 and not Melaka Sentral.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 11Starmart Melaka Singapore 12

The boarding platform at Melaka Sentral.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 13

The interior of my 27-seater Starmart bus.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 14

The spacious legroom on board.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 16

About 20 minutes after the scheduled departure time of 8.15pm, the 5.45pm bus from klia2 / 6.00pm bus from KLIA pulled in and all the passengers in it transferred on to my bus.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 15

The rather full ride back to Singapore.

My bus finally departed at 8.45pm – 30 minutes delayed from schedule.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 17

The bus made a stop at Larkin Sentral at 11.45pm before heading to Singapore. The ride from Melaka Sentral to Larkin Sentral took 3 hours with one petrol/restroom stop along the highway.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 18

Most of the passengers from klia2, KLIA and Melaka Sentral alighted here.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 19

Despite it having going to Larkin Sentral before, the bus still proceeded to use the Second Link as advertised. It was quite a far detour, but it might have evened out with crossing via Woodlands since there was a jam on the Causeway and pretty clear on the Second Link.

The bus arrived at Tanjung Kupang CIQ at 12.30am.

Starmart Melaka Singapore 20

No bus changes here, it’s straight on to Tuas and Golden Mile Tower.

The bus arrived at Golden Mile Tower at 1.30am, making the journey from Melaka Sentral to Golden Mile Tower with a total travelling time of 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Overall, it was a pleasant ride, since it could have been much worse if there were passengers getting off at Yong Peng or, Ayer Hitam, with the bus detouring out of the highway to drop off the passengers.

I wouldn’t take it the full route all the way from klia2 and KLIA to Golden Mile Tower though, especially with the detour to Melaka Sentral to pick passengers like me up, unless perhaps it was an overnight journey where I’d be sleeping.

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