Starmart Express from Singapore Golden Mile Tower to Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square by Bus

Starmart Express Bus from Singapore Golden Mile Tower to Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square

Starmart Express is a frequent bus operator between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and is open of the first bus companies to restore services after Singapore and Malaysia borders have reopened more or less back to normalcy.

For my first trip to KL after travel restrictions between Singapore and Malaysia have been greatly relaxed, I opted for a direct bus from Singapore instead of the JB route even though fares are on the higher side at a minimum of S$30, for the convenience of putting my bag in the luggage compartment from end to end, and Starmart Express’ departure time at 10am fit my schedule.

Singapore Golden Mile Tower

I reached Golden Mile Tower in Singapore with just a few minutes to spare till my departure. I checked with the departing bus and was told to head to the counter to check-in first as there was still a bit of time.

A quick ticket print-out at the counter after showing my Easybook confirmation email from my phone, and putting my bag in the luggage compartment, I was on board the bus and ready to go to KL without travel restrictions. I purchased my Starmart Express bus ticket on Easybook for S$30.

My bus from Singapore to KL was very full at 10am on a weekday.

The legroom on board the 27-seater Starmart Express bus.

I’m pleased to enjoy the massage function on my seat. It shows that Starmart Express have been maintaining their buses to be well ready for service resumptions.

I haven’t seen this sight in a long time. Also gone are the immense paperwork needed just to cross a bridge so near in corona times.

Travelling past the Singapore Flyer heading on to Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Passing by Gardens by the Bay.

Tuas Checkpoint (Tuas Second Link)

Approaching Tuas Checkpoint, there was a slight jam with plenty of lorries heading in to the checkpoint too. Cross-border travel is well and truly back.

Bus immigration was largely empty and re-boarding was easy too.

Crossing the border to Malaysia with ease. What a great feeling to do this again after more than 2 years.

Approaching mainland Peninsular Malaysia.

Seems like the fences need some maintenance though.

Heading in to Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar).

Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar)

Similarly, Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar) was largely empty for bus passengers too. Travelling on a weekday after the morning peak is certainly less stressful.

Reboarding the bus after clearing Malaysia immigration.

As most passengers have not returned, I took this opportunity to snap some interior photos.

My single seat at Seat 19 towards the rear of the bus.

Seats are arranged in a 1+2 formation.

Do remember to stock up on snacks, drinks, and currency before departure from Singapore as the facilities after immigration at Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar) are still closed.

My bus departed from Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar) at 11.31am.

What a great pleasure to cross the border once again without any hassle. Only a passport was needed to travel just like in the old days (and a bus ticket of course).

Crossing the Plaza Tol Tanjung Kupang.

A great feeling to be cruising on the PLUS Expressway again directly from Singapore.

And indeed, travel is definitely back with an accident at Bukit Gambir causing a 30-minute traffic jam.

The jam cleared after Plaza Tol Bukit Gambir.

It started raining after that, which made the aircon temperature on board the bus nice and cold.

Interestingly, the bus did not stop at Hentian Sebelah Kampung Bemban Utara Northbound for a toilet break.

Some passengers approached the driver requesting for a toilet break shortly after, and he said he will get to a stop with shelter for all of us due to the rain.

Turning in to Pedas Linggi Layby.

The bus drove past a toilet but did not stop there.

Petronas Pedas Linggi Layby

Instead, the bus stopped at the Petronas station for a fully sheltered walk.

Stopping at the corner of the shelter by the furthest pump as the bus was huge.

I must commend the bus driver of PMR6666 for going the extra mile (literally) to provide passengers a fully sheltered walk to a toilet since it was raining. I don’t think many bus drivers would put much thought into this, as seen from the amount of buses we passed by in R&Rs and passengers would have to walk under the rain to the toilet. The driver must also have been experienced enough to be memorising which stop along the highway provides such a sheltered experience.

Petronas Pedas Linggi Layby also has a Mesra shop to purchase snacks and drinks for the onward journey.

Back on board the bus after the toilet break.

Petron RSA Seremban

On the way to KL, another stop was made at Petron RSA Seremban, this time for actual filling up of diesel.

There was another Starmart Express bus up ahead, and passengers for northern destinations were called here to change to the front bus.

After the front bus had departed, it was time for my bus to fill up, and some passengers alighted for another toilet break – this time not fully sheltered though.

Passing by the future Serdang Raya Selatan MRT Station. Must be approaching KL.

Fences are installed on this section of viaduct towards the highway. I wonder what the reason is, surely no one would hop off a vehicle on the highway to transfer to a speeding MRT on the viaduct right?

Paying the exit toll at Plaza Tol Sungai Besi.

Passing by the future Serdang Raya Utara MRT Station.

Passing by Taman Naga Emas MRT Station. Hmm, where’s my TBS stop?

Looks like the bus is skipping TBS first and heading straight to Berjaya Times Square. Just as well, since my destination would be in the city anyway, and I had missed my Komuter already too.

Taking the Maju Expressway (MEX) in to KL.

Traffic was surprisingly good, and it was a speedy ride to downtown KL.

Approaching Berjaya Times Square.

Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square

Ah, a welcoming sight in to KL. Actually getting here by bus without restrictions is indeed refreshing, even though it was perfectly normal more than 2 years ago.

Lots of other Starmart Express buses awaiting departure to Singapore.

My Starmart Express bus arrived at Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square at 4.29pm, making this a journey of 6 hours and 29 minutes.

I made small talk with the driver while picking up my bag, and he said that he will be continuing on to TBS immediately with the rest of the passengers on board. Weird routing, but okay.


It was my first trip back to KL after travel restrictions have been largely lifted, and I certainly appreciate it a lot more now. It’s great to be travelling between Singapore and KL back in the old normal again with the bus company I trusted before, and which remains trustworthy after the pandemic with a largely on-time departure, spacious seats, and clean interior.


  1. Is the MySejahtera app not required for Singaporeans or has Malaysia dropped it altogether ? Only asking because the MySafeTravel web site is still saying From 1st April 🙂

    1. The MySejahtera Traveller form is not required for land entry into Malaysia, but it is still required for air entry. The MySejahtera app may still be required by individual places in Malaysia to check for vaccination and health risk status.

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