Thurso Railway Station • Visiting the Northernmost Railway Station in the United Kingdom

Thurso Railway Station

Thurso Railway Station is the northernmost railway station in the United Kingdom. Following lunch and a short visit around Thurso, I walked over to Thurso Railway Station to pay a proper visit instead of just stepping foot on the platform for a few seconds the day before on my ScotRail 2H63 train.

There is a bus stop outside Thurso Railway Station which I will be using later.

The façade of Thurso Railway Station.

The station concourse of Thurso Railway Station is bigger and airier as compared with Wick Railway Station.

The ticket office is located in the side room.

Some pictures of steam locomotives in the National Railway Museum in York was printed and posted on a billboard.

The station layout is simple and similar to Wick, with 1 line with a side platform and 1 siding.

Thurso Railway Station has a shed covering part of the platform with space for about 1 train car.

Most of the platform is outside the shed.

The station map of Thurso Railway Station.

The station sign of Thurso Railway Station.

I was just in time to spot the arrival of the day’s ScotRail 2H63 from Inverness to Wick.

Just like my ScotRail 2H63 train the day before, the ScotRail 2H63 train stopped way short of the shed.

Passengers can choose to head straight out to the car park or head into the station building ahead.

The train changes direction at Thurso to head to Georgemas Junction and Wick.

The ScotRail 2H63 train was running on time.

Doors were closed at 2.47pm sharp and the ScotRail 2H63 train departed from Thurso Railway Station on time.

Looks like trains generally do not enter the shed area at Thurso Railway Station as seen by the unseasoned track. I wonder if this is due to any defects that is not remedied.

See you later, 158 717. I would be doing a short trainspotting session at Wick to see this train again once I got back to Wick.

Heading back in to Thurso Railway Station before exiting it properly.

A plaque commemorating the regeneration of Thurso Railway Station on the 125th Anniversary of the Far North Line on 28 July 1999.

An old weighing scale still sits in Thurso Railway Station.

Looking back at the façade of Thurso Railway Station. Another landmark checklist completed.

Here, I headed back to the Thurso Railway Station bus stop to wait for the Stagecoach Bus 82 to go back to Wick.


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