Verifying My Foreign COVID-19 Vaccination for MySejahtera at Kluang District Health Office (KKM Kluang)

Verifying Foreign COVID-19 Vaccination for MySejahtera at Ministry of Health District Health Office

I had submitted my foreign vaccination certificate on the MySejahtera Helpdesk about a month before my trip, but even after I arrived in Malaysia, my status was still listed as Not Vaccinated.

As such, I decided to squeeze in about half an hour to visit KKM Kluang on the weekday morning that I was there to try to get it sorted out using the old offline method.

The Kluang District Health Office (KKM Kluang) is conveniently located outside Kluang Railway Station which I have walked past for years. This is the first time that I’ll actually be using their services.

After making my request known at the entrance to a nurse, and checking in with MySejahtera I was directed straight to the back of the building where COVID-19 booster shots were given to a steady stream of senior citizens. I wish I could have gotten mine there and then too.

The friendly nurse tried to submit my details multiple times with the same procedures on the MySejahtera Helpdesk as I did 5 times before arriving in Malaysia, but she could not see any update behind her screen. However, as my COVID card on Android via Google Pay was already accepted in Malaysia, I said it was fine, still listed as Not Vaccinated, but with my Notαrise Vaccination HealthCert in hand and in my phone which was acceptable in Malaysia anyway.

Before I left KKM Kluang, I was reminded to go get some coffee before I leave Kluang. Yes, ma’am.

2 days after visiting KKM Kluang, I received a pleasant email from the MySejahtera Helpdesk saying that I could check my updated vaccination status.

Refreshing my status, I was now reflected as Fully Vaccinated, making checking-in to venues a step easier.

The timeline of my vaccination progress started on 14 December 2021, which was the date that I visited KKM Kluang.

My Digital Certificate was populated with my vaccination dates, but with generic information for the rest of my Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine doses, not taken from my Notαrise Vaccination HealthCert.

This certificate is also for quick verification, and does not grant me a full Malaysian Digital Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate via MySejahtera. I am not able to download my own Malaysian Digital Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

The most important thing is that my MySejahtera check-in passes now have a green and yellow box, which is essential for a fuss-free one-step passage into any venue.

I have also updated my MySejahtera with MySJ Trace. Now my MySejahtera check-in screen looks complete.

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