Day 40: ETS Gold from Kuala Lumpur to Gemas

This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Gold.

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The final leg of my journey is finally here. Well, not that I’m looking forward to it. At this point of time, I did feel that the 40 day trip was too short, and I needed more train rides. Oh well.

The very familiar Gate B where my ETS to Gemas will depart from.

Now that there are no through services to and from electrified lines, the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore will require three trains, as compared to a through service like before.

So while the popular tagline now is “KL – Penang Kurang 4 Jam” or “KL – Penang in less than 4 hours”, here is my “KL – Singapore Kurang 10 Jam” journey, assuming Singapore being Woodlands CIQ.

My train arrived on time from Butterworth. After the passengers for KL has disembarked, the passengers from KL to Gemas were let on board.

ETS 202 on duty for train 9201dn.

Meet my seat neighbours. Guess the split in services made train journey such a hassle that no one is taking the train now.

Here’s something new that I seen on my journey back. Safety information stickers behind every seat.

Passing by Mid Valley Megamall.

The last view of the KL skyline from the train. This plot of airstrip will become the future terminus of the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail.

The typical scenery south of Kajang.

What was the alignment to Port Dickson is now a headshunt at the end of the Seremban EMU Depot. Hopefully this will one day be extended back to Port Dickson.

I was quite lucky to also spot the new E-Loco on test at Rembau. The train stopped here for a while to allow my ETS to overtake it.

More scenery towards Gemas.

Approaching Gemas, with the view of the town and the old station.

Pulling into the platform with the Ekspres Selatan 43dn waiting.

Arrived in Gemas 15 minutes late.

Price I paid from Kuala Lumpur to Gemas: RM31 + RM2 surcharge
POSB charged me: S$11.32

Here, it is a convenient cross-platform transfer for passengers connecting to the Ekspres Selatan from the ETS.

This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Gold.

Click here to visit the dedicated ETS Gold information page.

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