Flight Review: AirAsia AK701 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Airbus A320neo (Flight Delayed)

After a night on klia2’s floor, it was time to head for my flight back to Singapore on AirAsia AK701, the first flight out from KL early in the morning. This flight was part of the reroute via KL from Medan with AirAsia AK395 as my originally-booked Indonesia AirAsia QZ180 was terminated. The overnight stay in klia2 on the journey back was both due to a lack of evening connections back to Singapore the night before, and to maximise my time in Medan and go all the way to Tanjung Balai.

Finally, my flight showed up on the departure screen showing the departure gate at P6.

Heading to Pier P for security clearance about an hour before my flight.

The disastrous morning crowd at the security screening at Pier P, with only 3 queues available for the many simultaneous early morning flight departures.

The queue took about 20 minutes, with lots of China nationals trying to cut the queue too. Thankfully, the Malaysian security officers enforced them to go to the back of the line whenever there was a commotion.

Heading to the gate after security screening.

The rather confusing direction signs which don’t actually feature all gate numbers, despite it being a single path to all gates on a single pier.

Yup, in the exact correct order, Gate 7 comes before Gate P9A and Gate P6. Well done.

Heading to Gate P6 where my AirAsia AK701 flight to Singapore was departing from. Boarding passes are checked before entering the gate hold room. For flights to Singapore, AirAsia seems to adopt a similar system to Terminal 4 whereby the staff simply scans the code on your boarding pass, rather than physically tearing it.

The spacious gate hold room of Gate P6, since it’s actually a wide body gate.

And… No plane was in sight at Gate P6.

About 15 minutes after entering the gate hold room, 9M-AGE was towed in to the gate.

The AirAsia Airbus A320neo parked at the widebody gate close to departure time. Uh oh.

The airport vehicles then arrived with food and bags of those who checked them in.

Boarding commenced 8 minutes after the departure time. This isn’t looking too good.

Boarding my flight back to Singapore in the early morning from KL.

AirAsia X’s Airbus A330-300 parked beside my plane.

The tighter legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo.

Passengers still streaming in past the departure time.

The pilot made an announcement apologizing for the delay of the aircraft to the gate due to the congestion around klia2, as well as a delay in push back due to, well, congestion in klia2.

Pushing back from the gate as the sun rises in KL.

A beautiful sunrise, but not something that I would like to see. Heck, if the plane had departed on time, I would have been back in Singapore already.

Taxiing to the runway.

The sky was too bright for my comfort. This was supposed to be an early morning flight in darkness, which means my flight is really late.

The plane stopped short of the runway to allow an arriving aircraft to land first.

Taking off from KL at 7.05am, exactly 60 minutes delayed from the scheduled departure of 6.05am.

Heading out of Peninsular Malaysia.

Turning south to Singapore.

Flying past Cape Rachado and Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

Once the seatbelt signs were switched off, the meal service commenced.

I ordered a Nasi Lemak for breakfast, because, Malaysia.

AirAsia’s Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak from KL catering never fails to disappoint even when flying high. Hopefully I’ll get to eat it more often on the ground too in the near future.

Thank you Pak Naseer, whoever you are, or if you are really are.

Flying past the southernmost point of continental Asia, Tanjung Piai, Johor.

Flying past Tuas Second Link.

Turning left into Changi Airport.

Flying into Singapore with the city skyline clearly visible in the morning.

Flying into AirAsia’s unofficial hub.

The many ships parked along the east coast of Singapore.

Flying over National Service Resort & Country Club.

Touched down in Singapore at 7.46am – 36 minutes delayed from schedule.

Turning back to Terminal 4.

Parked at Gate G6.

Disembarking via the aerobridge.

Heading down for immigration.

Thankfully, the immigration counters and machines at Terminal 4 are always empty, a far cry from the klia2 security screening queue earlier on.

As I had no checked-in baggage, I headed straight out where I had to head straight to work due to the delayed arrival of my flight.

Overall, still a good flight with AirAsia despite the delay which was of no fault of the airline.

Thank you MAHB and klia2’s layout design for the delay.

AirAsia also apologised thrice for the delay during the flight – the first by the captain while waiting for pushback (including explanation of the delay), the second during the start of the safety briefing and the last upon arrival into Singapore, and at all times only apologizing on behalf of AirAsia as if it was their sole fault.

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