Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station Shower Room (CLOSED) • Cold Shower For Only 10 Baht

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 001

Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station is the most important rail hub for passenger service in Thailand with plenty of amenities for the comfort of all travellers. At the start or end of a long train journey, some passengers may find the need to freshen up. Thankfully, as all good major Thailand railway stations have, there is a shower room in Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station for the public to use, and reasonably priced at only 10 Baht too.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 002

The shower room is located at the side entrance to Platform 3, to the right of the ticket counters when facing them.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 003

There is a manned counter to pay for entry into the toilet and shower room, with some amenities for sale there too. If you are taking a shower, you are advised to bring your own soap and towel for convenience and to reduce wastage.

A regular toilet usage costs 3 Baht, and a shower costs 10 Baht.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 004

There are two separate sections for the 3 Baht toilet area and 10 Baht shower area. Turn right for the shower area.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 005

The interior of one of four shower cubicles available.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 006

There are also two toilet cubicles in the 10 Baht shower area.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 009Hua Lamphong Shower Room 010

There is a hook on the cubicle door.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 007

There is also an additional hanging bar for your clothes.

Hua Lamphong Shower Room 008

The shower head is hung on a low holder, which may spray on all your items in the cubicle. You are advised to hold the shower head during your shower.

Overall, the shower was great after a full day walking around Bangkok before boarding the train to Don Mueang Airport to catch my flight back to Singapore. Instead of using an expensive pay-per-use lounge in Don Mueang Airport to get a shower, now you can just use Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station’s shower room for only 10 Baht before heading to the airport.

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