Causeway Link Service CW2 from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street Bus Terminal by Express Bus

The Causeway Link Service CW2 is a rather popular mode of transport linking Johor Bahru Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI), Malaysia with downtown Singapore in Bugis at Queen Street Bus Terminal. The common way of getting this bus would be from JB since it would only cost RM3.40, but as I got on the Shuttle Tebrau 93dn to cut my traffic jam time from hours to just 5 minutes, I still managed to get the CW2 for an express ride into the city.

Didn’t know you could take the CW2 within Singapore only? Here’s how.

After exiting the Woodlands Train Checkpoint immigration area from the Shuttle Tebrau 93dn, instead of heading straight to exit Woodlands Train Checkpoint, I turned left to the path back towards JB instead.

Follow this path until you reach the first hall after the long overhead bridge, and go down the escalator there on the right.

You will find yourself in the usual arrival bus bay. Queue up for the CW2 as per normal as if arriving from JB.

Causeway Link CW2 Woodlands Queen Street 001

My ticket for the Causeway Link Service CW2 ride from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street Bus Terminal purchased on board the bus. Tickets cost S$3.50 as this is a ticket purchased in Singapore. EZ-Link or NETS Flashpay is not accepted here.

However, since this bus is coming from Malaysia with a Malaysia fare box installed on board, payment in Malaysian Ringgit is also accepted here at RM10.00, making it slightly cheaper than paying in Singapore Dollars. (The ticket will say RM9.90.)

Causeway Link CW2 Woodlands Queen Street 002

The view of the bus from my seat – I was one of the last to board the bus with a seat still available.

The journey from Woodlands Checkpoint to Queen Street Bus Terminal took 25 minutes.

Now you know you can have an express (one way) bus ride for almost the north-south span of the country at a reasonable price.

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