Queen Street Bus Terminal Ready For Causeway Link VTL Bus

Queen Street Bus Terminal will serve Causeway Link again from 29 September 2021

Causeway Link will finally return to Singapore once again with Causeway Link Bus Service VTL1 from 29 September 2021 with the introduction of the Singapore-Malaysia bilateral Vaccinated Travel Lane-Land (VTL-Land) by bus on the first phase. This comes after a 1.5 year hiatus since 18 March 2020, the start of Movement Control Order (MCO),

I headed down to see a quiet Queen Street Bus Terminal on the weekend before the VTL-Land launch, for hopefully the last time I’ll ever see Queen Street Bus Terminal empty.

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While Queen Street Bus Terminal was understandably quiet, I was quite surprised to see Causeway Link staff already on hand, as if selling tickets for the next CW2 bus to JB.

There were also some passers-by enquiring about buying VTL bus tickets at the counter. Causeway Link VTL1 Bus tickets are only sold online.

I’m really not sure why there are Causeway Link staff already on hand without any buses though.

A checklist has been prepared by Causeway Link for VTL-Land passengers to make sure they have all necessary documents and steps completed for their quarantine-free journey from Singapore to Malaysia.

Queen Street Bus Terminal is currently only served by SBS Transit Bus Service 170, but that will change from Monday, 29 September 2021 when jostling for the bus stop parking space will be back every 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the week and day.

Some online comments have mentioned that there was a tent set up at Queen Street Bus Terminal for the Causeway Link VTL1 Bus and for VTL-Land passengers.

This is not true as of my visit on 27 November 2021.

The tent in question has been set up at Queen Street Bus Terminal for SBS Transit Bus Captains to have their socially-distanced meal or break, just like other bus terminals and interchanges around Singapore.

However, with the newly-added on-arrival Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for Singapore, a new tent has been set up at the Singapore-Johor Taxi Service car park for arriving VTL-Land passengers by the Causeway Link VTL1 Bus.

What may be used though, is this newly “turfed” area behind the Causeway Link ticket counter, which will warrant me another trip down on Monday, 29 November 2021 to check out.

From Monday, 29 November 2021, you can finally catch the Causeway Link VTL1 Bus from Queen Street Bus Terminal to Larkin Sentral once again, instead of the pretend 170 showing “LARKIN” while looping at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Click here for Singapore-Malaysia VTL-Land Bus Information & Procedures.

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