Chiltern Railways 1Y21 from Oxford to London Marylebone by Train

Chiltern Railways Train from Oxford to London Marylebone

Chiltern Railways is 1 of 2 railway companies operating between Oxford and London, with Chiltern Railways using the Oxford–Bicester Line and Chiltern Main Line. With such competition, fares are competitive with both GWR and Chiltern Railways offering cheap advance tickets. My trip planning between Oxford and London would thus revolve around whichever company is offering the cheapest fare based on my required travel time.

Oxford Railway Station

Heading in to Oxford Railway Station.

The layout of Oxford Railway Station is fairly simple with a small concourse. All facilities are visible when standing in the middle.

While there is a departure board by default, the platform assignment at Oxford Railway Station is more or less predictable with side platforms operating north and south respectively on the main line and end-on platforms for terminating and originating Chiltern Railways trains.

As it is my first trip out of Oxford, I headed to the ticket machines first to print out all my tickets I had booked online.

Manned ticket counters are also available in Oxford Railway Station.

My Chiltern Railways 1Y21 train from Oxford to London Marylebone at 10.11am would be departing from Platform 1.

This train was formed of 5 coaches, with 2+3 car Class 165/0 Network Turbo sets.

The adjoining section between the 2-car set and 3-car set.

The interior of the Class 165/0 Network Turbo is in a 2+3 formation.

A wheelchair space is available with tip-up seats for standing passengers when there is no passenger wheelchair on board using the space.

A wheelchair toilet is also available.

The overall route map of Chiltern Railways’ network. Do note that the stopping pattern is only a guide and may not be the same for all trains.

My Chiltern Railways 1Y21 train from Oxford to London Marylebone awaiting departure at Platform 1.

Another GWR train had arrived at Platform 3, heading towards London Paddington via the Great Western Main Line.

I opted to head to the Quiet Zone for a more comfortable high-back seat in a 2+2 configuration.

There are stickers in the Quiet Zone, though this is not commonly observed when the train gets crowded.

This section is more private at the end of the train, with a bit more shoulder space.

The facing seats offer more legroom when there is no passenger in front of you.


There is also 1 row of airline seats, but the slim window and tight legroom is not very comfortable.

My Advance Single ticket for Chiltern Railways 1Y21 from Oxford to London Marylebone at 10.11am.

My Chiltern Railways 1Y21 train departed from Oxford at 10.10am. Train doors close 1 minute before departure at origin stations, and with the signal ready, my train departed early.

The Oxford Down Carriage Sidings are located north of Oxford Railway Station, which are used to stable trains and for the Oxford – Didcot Parkway stopper to use as a turnback siding from arriving at Platform 4 to departing at Platform 3.

Oxford Parkway Railway Station

More passengers boarded at Oxford Parkway Railway Station. This is the transfer point for drivers north of Oxford to change to trains to London.

Bicester Village Railway Station

Arriving passengers from the opposing train from London alight at Bicester Village for an early start to outlet shopping.

Splitting off the the Oxford-Bedford Line on to the chord to the Chiltern Main Line.

Merging on to the Chiltern Main Line.

Haddenham & Thame Parkway Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Haddenham & Thame Parkway Railway Station.

High Wycombe Railway Station

A lot more passengers boarded at High Wycombe Railway Station.

Beaconsfield Railway Station

Here on, more passengers boarded the train at every station heading towards London Marylebone.

Gerrards Cross Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Gerrards Cross Railway Station.

Denham Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Denham Railway Station.

Wembley Stadium Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Wembley Stadium Railway Station.

Passing by Wembley Stadium. Thankfully, no games were on to make the train even more busy.

Running parallel to the Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines between Neasden and St. John’s Wood.

Heading through the approach tunnels to London Marylebone.

Arriving at London Marylebone Railway Station Platform 2.

London Marylebone Railway Station

My Chiltern Railways 1Y21 train from Oxford arrived at London Marylebone at 11.37pm – 5 minutes early.

The ticket gates at London Marylebone have been in active operation on all of my train trips regardless of time. Have your ticket ready for exit.

Transfer to London Underground (Tube)

Access to Marylebone Underground Station on the Bakerloo Line is located just beside the gate line. As this was my first stop in London on this trip, I spent a bit of time here purchasing a new Oyster Card and linking my 26-30 Railcard to it to get 1/3 off my Tube fares before starting my commutes and joyrides.

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