Day 13-14: Trenitalia from Rome to Venice

My original plan was to travel from Rome to Paris direct, but after searching for the fares, I realised that Trenitalia and Thello charges for sleeper tickets on offer by reservation and not by distance. Since I’d need to change trains in Milan if I had done the direct travel, I chose to change in Venice, for the same price, hence a “free” stopover in Venice, sort of.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 12

Roma Termini is Rome’s most centrally-located railway station, though trains may also use other stations around, so do check your ticket. My first train to Verona departs from here.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 11London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 08

The station is pretty quiet at night, with only a couple of night trains and mostly empty short-distance regional trains departing.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 09

The departure and arrivals board, showing departures for the next morning already.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 10

Tickets will be checked before entering the platforms to ensure only passengers are in the platform area.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 14

The Intercitynotte 764 from Roma Termini to Verona Porta Nuova, which will continue on to Bolzano. Yes, there is an earlier and direct InterCityNotte 774 from Roma Termini to Venice, but on my departure date was only selling tickets at Base fares for €77.80 without any discounts, so it wasn’t worth it. There’s also almost nothing to do in Venice with a pre-sunrise arrival anyway.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 13

The exterior of my couchette.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 15London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 16London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 17

The interior of the Cuccette C4 Comfort, a 4-berth couchette compartment. Bedding is laid before your arrival. There is also a power socket on each lower berth.

London to Singapore Day 13 Rome 18

A cup of mineral water for each passenger.

Upon departure, the conductor takes your tickets and wakes you up about 15 minutes before arrival to return your ticket and give you a free juice box.

The train arrived at Verona Porta Nuova on time.

Price I paid from Roma Termini to Verona Porta Nuova: €39.90 (Super Economy)

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 01.JPG

From Verona Porta Nuova, I took a regular 2nd Class Regionale Veloce to Venezia Santa Lucia, for slightly more than an hour. Make sure you choose Venezia Santa Lucia as your arrival station if you’re going to the actual Venice cluster of islands – Venezia Mestre and any other stations around there are located on the mainland before crossing the causeway.

Be careful with regional trains as there are 2 types, Regionale making all stops and Regionale Veloce making selected stops. Check the timetable for which type of train and timing would get you to your station the quickest. Both services charge the same fares.

There was a Regionale departing 40 minutes behind the Regionale Veloce I chose to board, which arrived in Venice 7 minutes after my train.

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 02

The interior of 2nd Class. The train slowly filled up on the way to Venice.

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 03

Overtaking the said slower Regionale along the way.

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 04

Crossing the Venice Railroad Bridge and the Ponte della Libertà, forming the causeway to Venice from mainland Italy.

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 05

The railway and road ends slightly after the causeway.

London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 06London to Singapore Day 14 Venice 07

Arrived at Venezia Santa Lucia on time.

Price I paid from Verona Porta Nuova to Venezia Santa Lucia: €8.70 (Ordinaria) purchased from ticket machines at Verona.

Reservations are NOT recommended for Regionale and Regionale Veloce trains as no discounts are given when pre-purchased, no seat reservations are possible, and if your previous train gets delayed and you have a pre-booked ticket purchased online, it is no longer valid as the departure time and train is printed. If you get a ticket from the station, it is an open ticket for 6 months, valid on any Regionale and Regionale Veloce train. Just remember to validate it before boarding the train.

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