Day 2: Transjakarta Corridor 12 from Tanjung Priok to Jakarta Kota

After walking about 1km from the Port of Tanjung Priok, I got to Tanjung Priok Railway Station at 7.15pm, 5 minutes after the scheduled departure of the last KRL train bound for Jakarta Kota.

The gates to the platform were shut already.

The empty station.

Disappointed, I backtracked to the Transjakarta halt.

Boarding the first bus I saw at the platform plying on Corridor 10.

The empty ladies-only area.

The crowded mixed gender area.

After enquiring with a staff since the destination sign wasn’t showing Jakarta Kota, I was informed that I was on the wrong bus. Oops.

Crossing over to my correct Corridor 12 bus via the Corridor 10 bus.

Inside my correct Corridor 12 bus.

After about an hour thanks to the evening Jakarta jams at the road junctions, I arrived at Jakarta Kota to transfer to the KRL.

The train which will get me to my hotel for the night. It took me a while to realise that this is a JR 205 ex-Nambu Line set which has been repainted into the KRL corporate livery.

A partially unrepainted car on my train set.

From Mangga Besar, I walked for a few minutes to my hotel where I rested for the night.

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