Day 34: Angkor Small Circuit – Prasat Kravan

Prasat Kravan is the last stop of the Small Circuit, and is also one of the smallest temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Compared to the other temples around this area, Prasat Kravan has restored pavements to walk on.

Prasat Kravan consists of five towers which you can walk in from the east side, which is actually the front, though access from the road is from the “back”.

The back of the temple, which looks like the front since the road access is on this side.

Closing up the Small Circuit south of Angkor Wat.

The driver did ask me if I wanted to go to Phnom Bakheng to see the sunset, but I decided to give it a miss. I had to be there by 4pm if I were to get a spot for the sunset (only 300 visitors are allowed into the temple at any one time), and there’s no guarantee that the quota would not be full even if we got there by 4pm. Also, I didn’t want to spend another two hours doing nothing but get baked in the sun.

So back to the hotel it is, and to rest early for the long journey to Bangkok tomorrow.

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