Day 5: Sheffield Supertram

Officially known as the Stagecoach Supertram, the Sheffield Supertram is the only intra-city rail-based transport in Sheffield, assuming National Rail is not taken into account.

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The system consists of 3 lines, the Yellow Line from Middlewood to Meadowhall, the Blue Line from Malin Bridge to Halfway, and the Purple Line from Herdings Park to Cathedral with some trains reversing onward to Meadowhall.

The Yellow and Blue Lines share the section between Hillsborough and Fitzalan Square, and the Purple and Blue Lines between Gleadless Townend and Fitzalan Square, and onwards to Cathedral with the Yellow and Blue Lines.

Click here for a clearer schematic map of the network.

London to Singapore Day 5 26

The Supertram is valid with the Sheffield PLUSBUS which I purchased with the National Rail ticket, which costs £2.50 with a 16-25 Railcard. A single short ride on the tram would cost £1.60 and longer journeys for £2.30. A PLUSBUS for a destination can only be purchased for the same day when you are travelling on National Rail to or from the destination.

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The trams are made in 1992 by Siemens-Duewag and refurbished in 2006.

London to Singapore Day 5 27

The interior of the tram. Prepare your ticket when the conductor comes through, and if you do not have one, purchase one from him.

London to Singapore Day 5 28

Crossing a dedicated tram and pedestrian bridge on approach to Fitzalan Square.

London to Singapore Day 5 29

My journey to the University of Sheffield from the railway station took around 10 minutes. It’s a pretty quick journey for me, but I had to change to a bus from here to my final destination.

Thus concluding my very short transit stops in Sheffield. The journeys after this will no longer be repetitive, but a new experience for each leg all the way.

Next city, Marseille, France.

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