Flight Review: Delta Air Lines DL169 from Tokyo-Narita to Singapore by Boeing 767-300ER

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 001

From the Keisei Skyliner, it was a short and easy elevator up to the departures are for my Delta Air Lines flight back to Singapore. Delta Air Lines operate one flight a day to Singapore, which is actually a seventh freedom flight since the flight number does not originate in the United States of America, but rather, just an independent flight of DL169 from Tokyo-Narita to Singapore.

Little did I know that with this fare deal, would be the first and last time that I will fly with Delta to Tokyo as they are set to exit the Singapore market from 22 September 2019 (excluding code-shared flights), ending a long history of Singapore flights even before Singapore became independent with Northwest (before merger) using Paya Lebar Airport to Tokyo too.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 002

Heading to the Delta check-in row at Terminal 1 North Wing.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 003

Delta operates from Row B.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 004

After meeting the staff in front of the check-in line, I was directed to use the automated kiosks first for self check-in.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 005

Heading to the automated kiosks for self check-in.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 006

The interface was rather fuss-free.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 007

My boarding pass being displayed on the screen as it was being printed. Not sure if I like this for privacy.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 008

My rather plain boarding pass from the self check-in kiosk.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 013

After the self check-in, I was met by an interview officer to ask about what I did in Japan for the trip and if I had any contraband items, similar to my onward flight at Changi Airport, but this was done with regular ground staff, or at least they looked like one. After passing my interview, I was given a Delta Security sticker at the back of my passport.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 009

Heading to the baggage drop-off counters to drop off my checked bags after the self check-in and the interview.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 010

All Delta flights operate from the same Delta common check-in row.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 014

At the baggage drop-off counter, the staff reprinted a better boarding pass for me which looks a lot better than the receipt-like boarding pass I got from the self check-in kiosk.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 011

Once done, there’s a last chance to backtrack to the shopping and dining area in Terminal 1.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 012

However, I headed straight to the departures area since it was already less than 2 hours before departure and I had some duty-free shopping to do.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 015

Heading in to the departures area. Security is done here before immigration.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 016

My plane to Singapore visible just after security checks.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 017

Heading down to immigration after security.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 020

The very clear sign for gate numbers immediately after immigration.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 021

The shops towards Gates 11 to 18 were all rather high-end, and I’m pretty sure they don’t have Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Biscuit.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 022

As such, I backtracked to the bigger shopping area towards the rest of the gates where there are more affordable tax-free shops.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 023

The last compulsory stop for almost everyone visiting Japan for tax-free snacks at Fa-So-La TAX FREE ASAKUSA.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 024

Heading back to Gates 11 to 18 for my flight.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 025

There’s a bypass travellator lane to skip all the high-end shops that I can’t afford to buy from.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 026

An ANA Boeing 787-9 Star Wars R2-D2 Dreamliner parked at a remote stand.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 018

From this concourse, it looks as if it’s a dedicated Delta terminal rather than an international Japanese terminal. This sight will be gone once Delta moves out of its long-standing Narita hub for Seoul instead.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 019

A Delta Airbus A350-900 in the distance.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 027

Continuing on the second travellator to my gate.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 029

My Delta Boeing 767-300ER plane back to Singapore is clearly visible from this travellator lane.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 028

The ship number of N1201P on my plane to Singapore.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 030Delta DL169 NRT SIN 031

Continuing on to Gate 18 after the travellator.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 032

The view of my plane from Gate 18.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 033

Queuing up to board my Delta DL169 flight back to Singapore.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 034

After all the priority passengers, boarding was called logically here starting from the rear of the aircraft, as compared with my onward flight whereby boarding was called from the front.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 035

Heading to board when my boarding group of Main Cabin 3 was called. Boarding passes are checked and scan upon entering the aerobridge.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 036

Boarding the aircraft via the aerobridge.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 037

The various awards that Delta received by the side of the aircraft door.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 038

Heading through the Delta One (Business Class) cabin.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 039

Heading through the front Main Cabin (Economy Class) with the Delta Comfort+ rows in front.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 040

The classy 3D Delta logo on the rear bulkhead.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 041

Heading through the rear Main Cabin where I am seated.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 042

My aisle seat for this flight with a pillow and blanket set readied on the seat.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 043

The legroom on board Delta’s Main Cabin on the Boeing 767-300ER.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 044

The welcome screen of the IFE which is essentially just advertisements being screened during boarding.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 045

Hmm, I wonder if this middle row will remain empty so I can jump across once the doors are closed?

Spoiler: It did not, unfortunately.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 046

Once everyone is on board, the cabin crew distributes the headsets and sleeping kit.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 047

The headset and sleeping kit provided by Delta.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 048

The view down the aircraft from my seat.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 049

WiFi is available on board. If you don’t like to use the IFE, you can also stream entertainment using the WiFi provided onto your own device.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 050

The individual air-conditioning vents and reading lights on board.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 051

Surprisingly, the IFE system was activated while the plane was still at the gate waiting for pushback. Languages available on Delta’s IFE include English, Spanish, Purtugese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 052

The front page of the IFE features the latest movies added to the system.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 053

My estimated flight path from Tokyo-Narita to Singapore.

Delta DL169 Wifi 001Delta DL169 Wifi 002

Checking the Delta App, it seems that everything is pretty real time.

Delta DL169 Wifi 004Delta DL169 Wifi 005

There is also live information about where my 2 bags are. Seems like they are placed apart in different containers.

Delta DL169 Wifi 006Delta DL169 Wifi 009

My flight details from the Delta App. Not sure what the “Miles Flown” part means though, since I’m still on the ground.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 054

The view out of the window from my aisle seat.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 055Delta DL169 NRT SIN 056

The safety video being played on the IFE.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 057Delta DL169 NRT SIN 058

The safety video is laid out like an animated safety card.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 059Delta DL169 NRT SIN 060Delta DL169 NRT SIN 061

The safety video comes along with some American humour.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 062Delta DL169 NRT SIN 063Delta DL169 NRT SIN 064

The other 2D characters in the video acting out the safety instructions.

Watch the Delta Air Lines safety video here:

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 065

Cabin lights were dimmed for take-off despite this being a day time flight. Also, window shades were shut with no problems.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 066

After take-off, the cabin went into full-fledged night mode despite the sun still shining. Paper menus were also distributed.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 067

The menu for my flight from Tokyo-Narita to Singapore with 3 meal options in Main Cabin.

Despite the menu showing just one hot towel service, Delta actually provided two – one during the first service and the other during pre-arrival. Though unlike Singapore Airlines, the hot towel service is essentially a steamed disposable towelette rather than an actual towel.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 068

The drinks menu which is available throughout the flight.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 069

To start the flight, a bottle of Evian was given to everyone.

Delta DL169 Wifi 007Delta DL169 Wifi 008

While drinking my Evian water, I connected to the Free Messaging on Delta’s WiFi.

Delta DL169 Wifi 011Delta DL169 Wifi 012

Free Messaging is only for text messages on iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but hey, it’s free.

Delta DL169 Wifi 013Delta DL169 Wifi 014

Connection was fuss-free too. Messages can be a little bit slow as compared to the ground, but it’s free, so no complaints.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 070Delta DL169 NRT SIN 072

The clean toilet on board Delta’s Boeing 767-300ER.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 073

Delta also uses their own branded hand wash of White Tea & Thyme.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 074

The service pattern didn’t follow exactly as what the menu said. Following the hot towelette and Evian water, the crew started with a drinks service with everything on the menu available.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 075

I opted to get an Asahi along with a Biscoff. The other snack option was the pretzel that most if not all American airlines serve in place of peanuts.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 076

Unlike most other Asian airlines, Delta did not pour the drink for me. But I’d reckon I did a good job in pouring a beer in-flight eh?

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 077

A short while after the drinks service, the dinner service commenced.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 078

Among the three choices, I opted for the Korean Style BBQ Beef Kalbi. Didn’t get the western option as both were tomato-based which is not really to my liking. Sides consisted of a cold Cha Soba noodle, a salad with Japanese sesame dressing and a cake.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 079

The beef was rather tender and the sauce goes well with the white rice, though with such a sauce and not much char, I wonder if it can still be called a BBQ Beef.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 080

Before arrival into Singapore, another refreshment service was provided, this time with a Lemon Yoghurt Donut with a selection of drinks from the drinks menu.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 081

Disembarking from the aircraft after arrival into Singapore.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 082

The spacious legroom of the exit row seats.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 083

The slightly more spacious Delta Comfort+ rows of seats.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 084

Heading through the Delta One cabin to exit the aircraft.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 085Delta DL169 NRT SIN 086

Back in the familiar Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 087

Heading down for arrival immigration.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 088

Walking past the duty free shops with nothing to buy.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 089

Heading to Belt 16 to get my bags.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 091

The newly expanded Belt 16 with more capacity, now with two collection rows.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 092Delta DL169 NRT SIN 093

The last bags were already on the belt by the time I got to the belt, so it was a quick collection.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 094Delta DL169 NRT SIN 090

Heading out of the baggage reclaim area.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 095

Heading down to Basement 1 to get a taxi back home.

Delta DL169 NRT SIN 096Delta DL169 NRT SIN 097

The new views of JEWEL Changi Airport after arriving at Terminal 1, heading down to the pick-up point.

Overall, a simple and pleasant flight with Delta Air Lines, concluding this Tokyo trip. Despite not having much of the Asian touch of service despite the crew being mainly Japanese, Delta got me to and from Japan safe and sound, with meals and baggage included in the full service fare. I didn’t expect much to begin with, especially with the low fare, so I guess it’s pretty okay. Being one of the cheapest ways to get between Singapore and Tokyo, I hope that with their cessation of services to Singapore, the fares of other airlines won’t immediately go up drastically.

Goodbye Delta, and thank you.

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