DFDS Princess Seaways Ferry Arrival, Disembarkation & Immigration at Amsterdam IJmuiden Port Felison Terminal • Newcastle-Amsterdam Ferry

DFDS Princess Seaways Ferry Arrival, Disembarkation & Immigration at Amsterdam IJmuiden Port Felison Terminal

The DFDS Princess Seaways ferry from Newcastle enters IJmuiden Harbour just after breakfast, in good time after a night of sailing. It’s time to get ready to pack up and leave the ship, but not before enjoying some views of the IJmuiden Harbour from the open deck first.

The first sights of the Netherlands from on board DFDS Princess Seaways.

DFDS uses IJmuiden Port Felison Terminal.

Nearing Felison Terminal, announcements are made for vehicle passengers to proceed to their vehicles. Vehicles can drive out immediately after the ship docks.

There are some well-wishers picking up friends and family waving to the ship at the edge of the terminal area.

Looks like a short sheltered bridge walk for foot passengers to the terminal building here at IJmuiden Port Felison Terminal.

The vehicle ramp aligns nicely with the ship’s forward section for efficient RoRo operations for vehicles.

The IJmuiden Port Felison Terminal building is just ahead.

The first part of the bridge connecting to the ship is not sheltered, but thankfully the weather was fine.

The connecting DFDS Bus Transfer to Amsterdam City Centre is already standing by outside the terminal.

Announcements were made for foot passengers to proceed to Deck 6 Guest Service Centre area for disembarkation. The crowd was managed according to immigration queue time, so there was some waiting here instead of everyone queuing on the passenger foot bridge.

Disembarkation was on Deck 5, just 1 staircase set down from the Deck 6 Guest Service Centre area.

Disembarking from the DFDS Princess Seaways.

Heading on the foot bridge to the terminal building.

Looking back at the DFDS Princess Seaways.

Vehicle passengers clear immigration from on board their vehicles upon disembarking from the DFDS Princess Seaways.

Heading down the escalator to EU immigration.

There was a bit of a queue here considering than the entire shipload of passengers are clearing immigration at the same time.

Once done with immigration, the arrival hall was compact and simple, but it does the job anyway since everyone would be heading straight out.

There are tour buses on standby to pick groups up, and of course the DFDS Bus Transfer to Amsterdam City Centre as well. The DFDS Bus Transfer will wait for all pre-booked passengers to clear immigration before departing, so no worries about that.


The DFDS Princess Seaways is a very comfortable way to get across the North Sea from Newcastle to Amsterdam. While everyone is flying with the advent of cheap flights and no frills, going back to sea travel if you can afford the time is a journey for the experience, with private cabins, good food, and a general relaxed atmosphere on board, with no one really rushing to get to where they need to go.

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