Lounge Review: Escape Lounge London Stansted Airport

Escape Lounge London Stansted Airport Review

The Escape Lounge is London Stansted Airport’s only airport lounge in the main departures area after check-in, security checks, and the duty-free area. With a jam-packed airport this morning, the Escape Lounge was literally and thankfully an escape for an hour or so from the huge crowds of travellers departing from London Stansted Airport.

Escape Lounge London Stansted Airport accepts Priority Pass, DragonPass, Lounge Key, and other card consolidator access, subject to availability.

Escape Lounge London Stansted Airport

The entrance to the Escape Lounge is located between Coast to Coast and Pret a Manger through a lane.

A sign in the queue said the Escape Lounge was at capacity. However, I tried my luck at the front desk since I was a solo traveller, hoping to get a seat.

As luck would have it, there was a vacant seat for a short stay of not more than 2 hours. Nevertheless, as that was all the time I had before catching my flight anyway, I was welcomed in to the short-stay seat. All seats will be assigned by the lounge staff.

I used my Priority Pass for this lounge visit. Paid prices start from £29.99 per person.

My single seat with a reservation for the person coming after me. This was comfortable enough to have breakfast in, with 2 3-pin power sockets on the wall beside me.

The seats are mostly made for dining, and I don’t think it will be comfortable enough to get work done leisurely.

The buffet line is available near the main entrance of the Escape Lounge.

For breakfast, a cold selection, hot selection, and continental breads and pastries are offered.

Alcoholic drinks are also available at breakfast time already, with sparking wine coming out of a tap which was… interesting.

My sample selection of a hot breakfast at the Escape Lounge this morning.

Toilets are not available inside the lounge, but there is a wheelchair-accessible just around the corner out of the main entrance.


The Escape Lounge is basic according to Asian standards but in London Stansted Airport, it technically is the best as there is only 1 lounge available in London Stansted Airport. At least I’ve got a breakfast spot while waiting for my flight, and the cost was covered by my Priority Pass.

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