Flight Review: Scoot TZ302 from Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Boeing 777-200

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 001

Scoot TZ302 was the first short-haul flight in its then-small network when it was first launched as a new low-cost airline for medium and long-haul routes, serving just two routes to Australia on top of this short turnaround flight to Bangkok. I got on this new airline about 1 month since its inception to give it a try, both on this new airline and for a rail trip from Bangkok.

This trip was done on 8 July 2012, 3 years before RailTravel Station was launched, so I seek your understanding if the pictures are not up to usual standards since I had no plans to write about them when I took the trip 8 years ago.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 002

The check-in screen at the check-in row at Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Scoot offers 4 fare types namely Fly, FlyBag and FlyBagEat for Economy Class, and ScootBiz (now ScootPlus). However, the check-in row simply stated FlyBag for all Economy Class whether they were on Fly, FlyBag or FlyBagEat.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 003

Heading down the pier after immigration.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 004

A then-new rare airline on the Changi Airport departure screens. Now it just overpopulates yellow on the screens (before COVID-19).

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 005

My boarding pass for my Scoot TZ302 flight from Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 006

9V-OTC “Goin’ Scootin'” would be flying me to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, and would be my very first flight with Scoot, and first solo flight to Thailand.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 008

The interior of Scoot’s Boeing 777-200. These formerly flown with Singapore Airlines before being refitted into Scoot’s configuration.

NOTE: Scoot no longer has these seats in their fleet. However, these are still readily found on NokScoot.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 007

The yellow seats in front are Stretch seats with a little bit of extra legroom. The upfront seats are sold as Super seats with even more legroom.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 009

Seated in the regular section.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 010

Scoot’s Boeing 777-200 fits passengers in a 3-4-3 configuration, as compared with the previous Singapore Airlines configuration of 3-3-3. However, the seat didn’t feel as tight as I thought it might.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 011

There is an entertainment box by the seat legs, though I don’t know what it’s for or if it even contains anything.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 012

A cup holder is available at the back of the seat tray. Something that wasn’t fitted onto the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner seats.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 013

The opened tray table fitting nicely on the seat after adjusting the distance.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 014

The call button and reading light controls are located at the side of the armrests – a better and more logical design than the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ones on top of the armrests which sets off a sound and light show during boarding.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 015

The comfortable legroom on board Scoot’s Boeing 777-200.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 016

Looking down at the former layout of Changi Airbase and Runway 02R.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 017

Looking back at the Changi Airport area before all the Terminal 5 construction turned the “forest” into a “desert”.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 018Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 019

The Singapore skyline from the sky.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 020

Heading north towards Bangkok.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 021

The view out of the Boeing 777-200 window.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 022

It was an uneventful flight to Bangkok as I was on a FlyBag ticket with no meals.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 023

Disembarking at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi through the front door, and through the ScootBiz cabin.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 024

ScootBiz was laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration. Not very businessy and with Singapore Airlines Economy Class at 3-3-3, the seat width isn’t that much of an upgrade.

NOTE: Scoot and NokScoot have rebranded ScootBiz to ScootPlus. These seats are now ScootPlus on NokScoot.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 025Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 026

Heading down the long travellator trek towards immigration.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 027

Once out of immigration, picking up my bags, and customs, I headed to the AIS counter to buy a SIM card for my trip. This was before the era of cheaper SIM card agents around the airport and definitely before KLOOK and other online methods of getting a cheaper SIM card or roaming data plan.

Scoot TZ302 SIN BKK 772 028

Once done, I headed down to the Airport Rail Link to catch the City Line to my hotel.

Overall, a fuss-free first flight with Scoot though I can’t remember all the details on it since it was 8 years ago and my ticket was no-frills other than my 15kg check-in bag. But I remembered being rather pleased with the new airline as it wasn’t as crammed as I thought, and it was great to see it finally flying after I submitted my final year project on it before the airline even flew.

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