JR Hokkaido Furano Line Local 730D from Furano to Biei by Train

Furano Line Local 730D from Furano to Biei

The Furano Line is a popular tourist line to access Furano, Biei, and the lavender farms in Nakafurano. With the shortcut Nemuro Line Local 2475D and my trip focusing on trains rather than lavenders, I hopped on to Furano Line Local 730D after a short 54-minute transit to continue my journey from Furano to Biei.


Furano Station

Heading back to Furano Station after my short transit.

The Furano Tourist Information Centre was open when I got back to the station. Guess it wasn’t closed after all.

My Furano Line Local 730D would be leaving at 11.42am.

The staff manning the gate also operates the ticket counter.

Preparing my JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass to show to the gate staff to enter the platform.


My Furano Line Local 730D was already waiting at the platform.

Goodbye Furano.

My Furano Line Local 730D was at Platform 4.

Heading down to Platform 4.

My Furano Line Local 730D was operated by a KiHa 141 DMU.

The destination blind of the Furano Line Local 730D. This train is bound for Asahikawa, but I’ll be getting off at Biei.

Boarding the Furano Line Local 730D.

The interior of the KiHa 141 DMU.

Thankfully, there was a single box seat left empty, so I took it for my journey.

The legroom on board the KiHa 141 DMU.

Air-conditioning vents are available on the KiHa 141 DMU, but this was not switched on, as the side-floor heating was on instead.

A Japanese squat toilet is available on board the KiHa 141 DMU.

My Furano Line Local 730D departed from Furano on time at 11.42am.

Passing by Furano Freight Station.

Splitting away from the main Nemuro Line onto the Furano Line.

The weather started to get gloomy, but thankfully there was no heavy rain or snow.

Much of the fields around seem pretty dry though. Winter is coming.

Gakuden Station

Making a brief stop at Gakuden Station.

Quite a different view with dry fields as compared to what could be possible as shown on the JR Hokkaido Sapporo-Furano Area Pass postcard.


Shikauchi Station

Making a brief stop at Shikauchi Station.

Naka-Furano Station

Making a brief stop at Naka-Furano Station.

Approaching Lavender Farm Station.

Lavender Farm Station (Closed)

Lavender Farm Station is a seasonal station operating during the lavender season, served by selected trains and days only. However, as you can see, no lavenders were in sight during this journey in November, and Lavender Farm Station was closed.

The platform of Lavender Farm Station had also been removed.

No lavenders at the lavender fields at this time of the year.

The clouds were coming down on the various mountains in Daisetsuzan National Park.

Approaching Kami-Furano Station.

Kami-Furano Station

Making a brief stop at Kami-Furano Station.

Crossing over the Kolko Niushibetsu River.

Bibaushi Station

Making a long scheduled stop at Bibaushi Station.

There was still a few minutes before departure so I headed out to the platform for an exterior photo of the KiHa 141 DMU. I was confident to do this as I knew the train could not safely depart yet.

Here’s the reason why.

Crossing with the Furano Line Local 729D at Bibaushi Station.

Once the line was cleared and the signal given, my Furano Line Local 730D departed from Bibaushi Station immediately.

Crossing over the Biei River.

Entering Biei town.

Passing by a shed south of Biei Station.

Entering Biei Station.

Heading to disembark quickly as the Furano Line Local 730D only stops at Biei for 1 minute.

Biei Station

The Furano Line Local 730D at Biei with the doors already shut behind me. My Furano Line Local 730D arrived at Biei on time at 12.24pm.

The Furano Line Local 730D continues on to Asahikawa where it terminates.

The Furano Line Local 730D arrived at Platform 2, so I needed to cross the overhead bridge to Platform 1 to exit the station.

A simple map of landmarks around Biei Station.

Climbing up the overhead bridge to cross over to Platform 1.

Heading on to the station building.

No ticket gates at Biei Station, but tickets are checked by station staff upon entering the station.

Heading out of Biei Station.

The façade of Biei Station.

To cross back on the other side of Biei, there’s a very elaborate overhead bridge.

There is a tourist information centre by the side of Biei Station, where I asked for a lunch recommendation.


The Furano Line Local 730D from Furano to Biei would have been a scenic train ride with lavender fields surrounding if it were lavender season, but on my trip in November 2022, this was just a basic local train ride. Nevertheless, I’m here for trains rather than scenery, and the KiHa 141 ride was very pleasant on this local line.

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