Hotel Review: @Hua Lamphong Hotel • Clean and Convenient Private Room right at Hua Lamphong MRT Station opposite Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 001

This being another railway trip, I decided to pick @Hua Lamphong Hotel for the convenience of being located literally outside Hua Lamphong MRT Station and opposite Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station. This time though, they seem to have rebranded themselves from the former name of @Hua Lamphong Hostel.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 002

The facade of @Hua Lamphong Hotel.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 004

Due to the delay of my Special Express 46 International Express, my room was ready for check-in the moment I arrived at the hostel since it was almost check-in time.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 003

The lobby of @Hua Lamphong Hotel featuring a sofa area, internet area, and a cafe.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 005

@Hua Lamphong Hotel is themed with Hua Lamphong Railway Station in mind.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 006

Heading into the elevator after completing my check-in process.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 007

The view of my Single No Window room from the entrance.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 008

Everything that I needed and more is provided in a simple and compact area, including stuff I don’t use such as the telephone and safe.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 009

A minibar is also provided under the sink.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 010

Despite emphasizing on the “No Window” part of things everywhere throughout the booking process on agoda, the Single No Window room technically does come with two frosted windows – a small one above the sink which can be flipped opened for ventilation and another small one in the bathroom which cannot be opened. This provides natural light into this “no window” room.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 011

The toilet is surprisingly spacious, with a combined toilet and shower area. A bidet spray is also provided beside the toilet bowl.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 012

The shower with soap provided.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 014

The WiFi password and other information are pasted behind the door.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 013

Here’s the WiFi password.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 015

The single bed is sufficient for a good night’s rest.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 016

A nice abstract picture of Hua Lamphong Railway Station completes the train experience.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 017

A bottle of drinking water is provided inside the minibar.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 018

In the morning, breakfast is served in the cafe.

As compared with my previous stay, breakfast is no longer a buffet, but a selection of dishes from the cafe menu, which means you get a freshly cooked meal upon order.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 019

I picked a hot coffee for my drink.

@Hua Lamphong Hotel Single 020

For breakfast, I picked the western option of eggs, ham, sausages and bacon. It tastes really good, with it being all hot and fresh from the pan.

Overall, another pleasant stay at @Hua Lamphong Hotel, which is probably why I keep going back whenever I have train trips in Bangkok.


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