Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K206 from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3) to Singapore by Airbus A320-200

Jetstar Asia 3K206 is the last flight of the day among every airline from Jakarta to Singapore, departing at 9.35pm. Despite arriving in Singapore past midnight, this schedule allows me to maximise my day in Jakarta and even allowed me enough time to go to Bandung and back comfortably before flying back to Singapore.

I headed to Gate 3 to enter the terminal as seen from the signs by the driveway from my Grab.

However, I was turned away by the security guard in front of it and was told to go to Gate 2 instead.

Heading down to Gate 2 with the mandatory security checks before entering the terminal like in most Indonesian airports.

Heading to Row C for check-in

Jetstar Asia’s check-in counters are on the opposite side of the row coming in from the west.

Cabin bag checks are carried out before entering the queue to check-in.

As I showed up early for my flight around 2 hours before departure, the

My boarding pass for my Jetstar Asia 3K206 flight from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 back to Singapore.

Heading into the departures area for immigration and security checks.

The transit area map of Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3.

As I was rather early for my flight, I headed for possibly Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3’s biggest secret travel bonus – a free shower.

Unlike normal free showers in other Indonesian airports where it’s just a cubicle within a normal toilet, these free showers are legit with lounge-standard separate toilet and shower kind of private rooms.

The shower room comes with a full-fledged toilet with toilet paper, a seat cleaner, soap and an eco washer bidet installed in the toilet bowl.

The shower room is located further in.

The full height actual shower. Soap and towel isn’t provided, but no problem since I brought mine along. The shower seems to provide cold water only, but that’s fine after a long day out in the tropical heat.

For the elderly, less mobile, or those requiring a caregiver’s assistance, a fold-out seat is also available in the shower cubicle.

Paper towels and a high-pressure hand dryer are also available in the shower room.

This is possibly the best airport free shower room in the world.

Feeling refreshed, I headed back out to the airport terminal.

A Golfcar Shuttle is available here too, but I wasn’t sure if it was in service as I didn’t see any moving past me.

I headed to the Saphire Temporary Lounge to clear my last Priority Pass quota before it expired.

Click here for my Saphire Temporary Lounge Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 review.

After the lounge visit, I continued the long walk to my gate.

Narrow body planes depart from the furthermost pier of the terminal.

My flight was departing from Gate 4.

As I was still early for boarding due to the slightly late arrival of the aircraft, I found a seat around the gate to wait.

The seats here feature universal and USB charging ports, great for international travellers.

Queuing to board the Jetstar Asia flight. It was a bit of a free-for-all situation with almost no audible announcements heard.

People say that Singaporeans behave like robots, and thankfully we do as the queue for boarding was formed automatically without any announcements, and boarding had actually began though no one was moving forward since there were no announcements heard.

Turns out that the staff were calling out (?) for passengers seated in the rear of the aircraft, but they were probably mumbling to themselves. The people upfront weren’t moving, and the people in the back like me had no idea what was going on until I caught a glimpse of this sign.

The sign looked like this most of the time.

As I caught a glimpse of the row numbers being held up, I made my way to the counter to get my boarding pass checked. To my surprise and horror, there was no one else boarding and the staff simply checked my boarding pass and allowed me in, without bothering to call out for more passengers who may be seated in that boarding group.

Seems like holding everyone back at the counter was easier. Terrible.

It was already departure time when people were still queuing to board.

9V-JSR on duty for my flight today.

The aerobridge was obviously empty since the boarding agents couldn’t be bothered to board people.

The interior of Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320-200 with the new flatter seats which I actually prefer.

The generous legroom with the less-padded seats.

The literature pocket is also moved up to eye level to provide even more legroom.

The view out of my original Seat 14A.

Once the doors were closed, I asked a crew if they were okay with me moving to an empty row just beside at 14DEF because 1. it was empty and 2. my seat neighbour was laughing to himself while watching his show on his phone throughout the time spent in my seat so far.

The view of my new seat at Seat 14F.

An empty row all to myself on this flight back to Singapore.

The view out of Seat 14F while the plane was still at the gate.

Pushing back from the gate.

Turning out of Terminal 3’s apron to head to the runway.

Taking off from Jakarta. The flight took off at 10.23pm – 28 minutes delayed from schedule.

The lights in the cabin did not fully turn off for take-off, resulting in some reflection off the windows for my pictures.

Turning northwest towards Singapore.

A quick toilet visit halfway through the flight.

I always appreciate paper towels in any toilet.

Approaching Singapore.

Flying over the PIE.

The flight touched down at 12.38am – 7 minutes early.

The bigger brother of the Jetstar A320 – the Qantas A380 – parked at Terminal 1.

Turning into the gate.

The windows started to mist up quickly in humid Singapore.

Heading out for arrival immigration.

Heading down to arrival immigration.

Walking past the new duty free layout, with the perfume side closed for the day already.

As I had no bags to claim, I headed straight out of the baggage reclaim area through customs.

Here, I headed downstairs to catch a taxi since Grab’s fares would be ridiculous at such a late hour.

Heading down to the new taxi stand area under the Jewel Changi Airport structure.

Overall, it was a simple, no-frills flight with Jetstar Asia with cheap competitive fares on this route. Boarding was really crappy though, I can’t think of another airline who would prefer passengers to board slowly, one at a time for this 180-seater plane. Neighbour-wise, probably not so good but that’s beyond Jetstar’s control. The food and drinks selection on Jetstar is a bit too expensive for me to try out though – I might as well take another trip to Jakarta again for that kind of prices.

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