KA Sri Lelawangsa U69 from Binjai to Medan by Train (Feeder Sri Bilah – Bisnis Class)

Coming in from the Sri Lelawangsa U70, I headed back by the immediate departure of Sri Lelawangsa U69 in order to seure a trip on Bisnis class again, and also to connect safely to my next train to Siantar later in the afternoon.

Heading back into the station after arriving just a few minutes ago.

Heading to the counter to purchase my ticket.

As there is only one train departing from Binjai to one destination, buying a ticket is really fast here.

Heading into the platform immediately after buying my ticket.

The emptied-out platform of Binjai with most passengers on board already.

My ticket for the KA Sri Lelawangsa U69 Bisnis class ride from Binjai to Medan.

As this is a locomotive-hauled train, additional stabling time is needed at Binjai in order to round the locomotive around. Hence, I could buy my ticket and stroll through the station confidently.

Heading to couple with the Bisnis class rake on the main line.

And with that, the KA Sri Lelawangsa U69 is formed.

Heading to board the train.

This time, the train was left with standing room only with this lunchtime departure to Medan.

The clean squat toilet available on the Bisnis class coach – not a facility available on the original Sri Lelawangsa KRDI.

I headed to an emptier coach to stand for the half-hour journey.

While offering a much spacious ride on a seat, the coach is not very friendly towards standing passengers – but that’s not its original function anyway.

Approaching Medan at the junction to Belawan.

Disembarking from the Sri Lelawangsa Bisnis class.

As the train stopped at Platform 2, with the Sri Lelawangsa Ekonomi class at Platform 1, passengers have to use the underpass to get to the main part of the station.

Heading up to Platform 1 and to exit the station. Here, I went to grab lunch before my afternoon train to Siantar.

Overall, another great ride with the Sri Lelawangsa Bisnis class though I didn’t get a seat this time. However, with a fare of just Rp.5,000, I don’t think I can complain much.

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