KA Sri Lelawangsa U71 from Binjai to Medan by Train (Feeder Putri Deli)

Immediately after arriving from the Sri Lelawangsa U72, I headed back to Medan with the same train, the Sri Lelawangsa U71, as I had somewhere else to go to in the afternoon. Thankfully, with the loco-hauled train, it offered me additional time to exit the station and snap some photos before proceeding to buy my ticket as the locomotive would need extra time to run around.

The small station hall of Binjai Railway Station.

Purchasing my ticket from the counter.

My ticket for the Sri Lelawangsa U71 train departing Binjai at 1.15pm. Tickets for the Sri Lelawangsa go for Rp.5,000 (~S$0.48) for the 20.9km journey.

Heading to get my ticket checked for my Sri Lelawangsa. No identification needs to be produced for local trains.

Quickly boarding my train as it was ready for departure.

The interior of the Ekonomi Class of the Sri Lelawangsa (Feeder Putri Deli).

The typical scenery on the way to Medan. The line runs extremely straight an exact east-west direction mostly behind houses.

Approaching the junction to Belawan where only cargo trains operate to now and the elevated railway towards the new Pulo Brayan Bengkel depot.

The junction to Belawan.

Arriving into Medan with the original KRDI Sri Lelawangsa parked in the locomotive depot.

Disembarking from the Sri Lelawangsa (Feeder Putri Deli).

Heading to the station exit. As compared with the Railink, only 1 exit is available at the regular Medan Railway Station.

Overall, a short and sweet joyride on the Sri Lelawangsa. But of course, a rail holiday is not completed simply with two commuter train rides.

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