KLIA Transit • Getting to KLIA and klia2 by Train for RM4.70?!

The KLIA Transit is the all-stop service of the more popularly used KLIA Ekspres by tourists. At first glance, both the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit have the same RM55 fare from KL Sentral. Some have already figured out that by stopping at an intermediate station such as Putrajaya & Cyberjaya or Salak Tinggi and waiting for the next train, you do save more than half of the fare.

But what if I tell you that it is possible to pay only a minimal fare starting from RM4.70 to get from a station on the KLIA Transit line to KLIA or klia2?

First off, the “premium” KLIA Transit fares are for journeys to KLIA and klia2 from KL Sentral and Bandar Tasik Selatan, potentially to discourage you from taking the KLIA Transit and just pay the full RM55 for the KLIA Ekspres instead. However, with a bit of perseverance, let’s make this as cheap as possible.

Here’s a look at the current KLIA Transit fare table. You would notice that the cheapest “transit point” to split your journey is Salak Tinggi. However, did you know that there are also FREE bus services from Salak Tinggi to KLIA and klia2?

In summary, these are the KLIA Transit fares from the stations along the line to Salak Tinggi:

  • Putrajaya & Cyberjaya – Salak Tinggi: RM4.70
  • Bandar Tasik Selatan – Salak Tinggi: RM12.40
  • KL Sentral – Salak Tinggi: RM18.30

If you are travelling from KL city, it would be the wisest choice to take the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan and change to the KLIA Transit to Salak Tinggi. Of course, you would have the best deal if you are coming from Putrajaya & Cyberjaya.

While the KLIA Transit is an all-stop local service, each stop probably takes up to an extra of 2 minutes of travel time on the line, which is pretty fast anyway.

Being a local service also means having a higher passenger carrying capacity on board the train. You may need to stand for your journey during peak hours.

Push the button to open doors.

Now that you are at Salak Tinggi, the magic begins.

Exit the station with your minimal fare paid.

Wait for the Bas SMART Selangor SPG01 or SPG02 to go to KLIA or klia2. If you are heading to klia2, you also have an additional option of taking the BTG02.

The Bas SMART Selangor services serving ERL Salak Tinggi will stop at the external porch, marked by the bus stop sign.

The bus routes information at Salak Tinggi ERL Station.

Click on the image to enlarge.

The SPG02 bus arriving from Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. Do look out for the direction of the bus as the SPG02 stops at Salak Tinggi ERL Station on both bounds.

Inside the Bas SMART Selangor Sepang bus. Pretty comfortable, but also the reclining seats were chosen possibly due to the long distances the bus travels on the Sepang routes.

It is important to note that the Bas SMART Selangor is not a dedicated Salak Tinggi – KLIA shuttle. The bus picks up passengers along the way. But it’s free, so no complains at all.

The familiar KLIA control tower is in sight.

Making a short stop at KLIA. There is no bus stop sign here, however pick-up and drop-off is at Door 4.

The journey from Salak Tinggi ERL Station to KLIA takes about 30 minutes.

Heading on to the KLIA Extension Highway to make a u-turn to klia2.

Making the scenic flyover u-turn across the highway.

klia2 is in sight.

Wave to those on the KLIA Ekspres who didn’t know about this free bus (but probably saved around 1 hour of their journey time).

Arriving at klia2.

The journey from Salak Tinggi ERL Station to klia2 takes about 35 minutes.

Overall, considering that this is a free bus service, the ride was actually more comfortable than a regular paid service due to the low ridership (for now) and comfy seats. Saving money on the KLIA Ekspres makes the journey even sweeter.

Even if you took the train from KL Sentral to Salak Tinggi, you would have paid only RM18.30 as compared to RM55, saving you RM36.70 which you could use to buy your AirAsia ticket during a zero fare sale, excluding the convenience fee.

Service Information for SPG01: Click Here
Service Information for SPG02: Click Here

Ride the Bas SMART Selangor to KLIA and klia2 if you have a bit of extra time to beat the KL jams and save some money!

BONUS TIP: Take a bus from KL to Putrajaya to save even more!

Nadi Putra Service 500 is an express bus service from Lebuh Pudu Bus Hub (MYDIN) to Putrajaya Sentral via the Maju Expressway, with a fare of RM4.00. It may not be the most logical option but if time is not an issue and you do not mind taking 3 modes of transport to get from KL to KLIA, your effort will only cost you a grand total of RM8.70!

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