KLIA Ekspres: KLIA to KL Sentral by Train

Coming in from my Malindo flight from Singapore, I opted to get to the city by the KLIA Ekspres since I arrived in the afternoon, considerably late already since my arrivals are usually in the wee hours of the morning at TBS or Bukit Bintang.

Picking up my bag from the baggage carousel which took a bit of time.

There was a tour group heading down the KLIA Ekspres lift to the platforms.

Not wanting to wait for the lifts to go down and come back up again, I opted to head down by the escalators.

I thought of picking up the KLIA Ekspres + GRAB Package since I may be taking 2 or more rides in KL during my stay, but guess what? Should you pick up the promotion from the kiosk, you are charged the regular fare of RM100 for the return ticket instead of RM90 – thus almost cancelling out the promotion by itself. The promo code is also valid for journeys to or from KL Sentral Station only.

In this case, you are paying RM10 for 2 x RM10 promo codes. This promotion is only worth it if you are planning to ride for a distance that is worth RM5 or more ie. if your ride is RM5, you will not gain from this promotion and if it is less than RM5, you will actually make a loss from this promotion.

With a bit of common sense and logic, I opted to purchase the regular discounted fare instead.

My ticket for a return journey on the KLIA Ekspres. Ouch.

Look out for the directional sign above the doors for the direction of the train. The KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit operates on the KLIA – klia2 sectors on bi-directional single tracks.

Inside the KLIA Ekspres. Pretty full at this time of the day probably due to the many flights arriving at around the same time, especially from klia2.

Still waiting for this train to come alive.

Anyway, time to use the toilet.


Hopefully this will be 90 minutes from Jurong East to Bandar Malaysia instead of 90 minutes from arrival of aircraft at the gate.

Arrived at KL Sentral. Somehow the arrival platform seems more spacious than the departure platform despite the latter being used for waiting.

Since I opted to have a ticket emailed to me, I decided to try to scan this on the gate to exit the station.

Got to zoom it in a little for the ticket to sense it.

Apparently it didn’t work. But it could be my screen’s brightness level.

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