Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus: Padang Merdeka and Centre Point to Kota Kinabalu International Airport by Express Bus

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is the only bus service serving Kota Kinabalu International Airport directly, offering an easy and affordable way to get from KK city to the airport. Buses from KK city depart from Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal, making a stop opposite Centre Point Sabah before heading express to KKIA.

Tickets can be purchased from the dedicated counter at Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal if you’re boarding from here.

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The timetable of buses departing from Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal. Tickets cost RM5 (~S$1.66) per person.

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is operated by Luen Thung Transport, also officially known as The Luen Thung Tanjong Aru Transport Company Sdn. Bhd., a pretty long-standing bus company in Malaysia.

The interior of the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus.

The operational timetable of the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus. The 45 minute frequency is maintained by 3 buses running throughout the day.

Exiting Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal.

Heading to Centre Point Sabah.

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus makes a stop opposite Centre Point Sabah at this bus stop.

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Departures from this bus stop (opposite Centre Point Sabah) are scheduled 10 minutes after the departure from Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal. The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus will wait here until the published departure time.

Heading onto Jalan Coastal to KKIA.

Passing by Aeropod, an integrated development near the airport for residential, work and lifestyle, including the new Tanjung Aru Railway Station.

The journey from Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal to KKIA takes about 25 minutes.

Overall, the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus offers a cheap and efficient way to get from Kota Kinabalu city centre to the airport. With KK city being pretty compact, even with the minimal two stops in the city, it would most likely serve near where you are coming from, to the airport. If the bus timetable fits, the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus would be the best option to get to KKIA.


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