Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn from Kuala Lipis to Kluang and Woodlands CIQ by Express Train, Transshipment Bus & Transshipment Train (1 April 2012)

Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn from Kuala Lipis to Kluang and Woodlands CIQ by Express Train and Transhipment Bus

The Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn was a daytime express train from Tumpat Railway Station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ). After a short lunch at Kuala Lipis Railway Station, the KTM Railway Fan Club group departed with the Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn, which would be the last leg of the journey together before the group splits at Gemas for onward journeys.

As groups will be splitting off, Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn tickets were separated beforehand and handed over to those not going to KL. KTM Berhad offered a 15% discount for all tickets on this trip.

My ticket for the Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn from Kuala Lipis Railway Station to Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ).

The incoming Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn arriving at Kuala Lipis Railway Station. YDM 6675 leads the truncated Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn from Tumpat Railway Station to Kluang Railway Station.

The fireman of Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn handing over the token to the porter.

Departing from Kuala Lipis Railway Station

The Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn departed from Kuala Lipis Railway Station on time.

3 ASC coaches were attached on Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn, with no ABC provided.

Making a brief stop at Kuala Krau Railway Station.

Making a brief stop at Triang Railway Station.

YDM 6675 was smoking up the area around the railway line as she throttled each time.

Entering Gemas Railway Station

With the PGC in front, I had a clear view from the rear of the last ASC attached. Perfect for spotting the Gemas junction.

An unknown Barclay 777 locomotive sitting behind the Gemas turntable.

Looking into the Gemas yard.

Flanked with sidings on both sides of the East Coast Line.

The Gemas junction of the East Coast Line and Central Line, and the KM0 of the East Coast Line at KM562.25 of the main line.

At Gemas Railway Station, KTM Railway Fan Club group participants heading for Kuala Lumpur alighted here to wait for the Ekspres Sinaran Selatan 12up for their final leg of the journey.

25101 Pulau Angsa headed the Ekspres Sinaran Selatan 12up, which crossed with my Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn.

The truncated Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn terminated at Kluang Railway Station.

As there was a derailed cargo train between Layang-Layang and Renggam, all train services were disrupted in the southern section. As such, passengers on Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn were transferred with a transshipment bus to Kulai to board the next transshipment train for the remainder of the journey from Kulai to Woodlands CIQ.

Transshipment Bus from Kluang to Kulai

The transshipment buses were waiting outside Kluang Railway Station.

Passengers were ushered up the buses on a first come first served basis.

Tickets were checked on board the transshipment bus again before departure.

Transshipment Train from Kulai to Woodlands CIQ

At Kulai, the transshipment bus alighted passengers in the station car park for tranfer to the transshipment train. There would be a longer wait here as this transshipment train will ferry combined passengers from Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn and Ekspres Rakyat 1dn.

On the transshipment train, passengers were not segregated by class again, so I made myself comfortable on board the AFC.

Departing from Kempas Baru. I didn’t shoot much pictures on the transshipment train leg of the journey as I was quite tired already, having woken up at 4am in time for the Shuttle 81dn school train.


Overall, a tiring but fruitful trip with the KTM Railway Fan Club group on the East Coast Line with the Malayan Tiger Train 18up, Shuttle 81dn school train, and Ekspres Sinaran Timur 15dn, experiencing the hiccups along the way.

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