KTM Komuter 2304up: Sentul to Sungai Buloh by Once-A-Day Direct Train

The KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector runs on 2 distinct corridors (excluding current split route arrangements), namely the Batu Caves – Pulau Sebang (Tampin) Line and Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang Line. However, one train a day in the early morning plies a rather unusual route, from Sentul to Sungai Buloh.

This isn’t a parliamentary train where a train runs for the sake of keeping up services on a sector as removing services altogether would be a hassle to approve, but rather, for operational requirements to send a set from Sentul depot onto the Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang Line. Surprisingly, this set does not run empty from Sentul Depot to Segambut, but picks passengers up from Sentul like a normal revenue train service.

As such, this service allows you to travel on the bypass wye between Sentul and Segambut on a revenue passenger train, once a day.

NOTE: There is another direct train from Tanjung Malim to Sentul, which is actually the last train of the day from Tanjung Malim, to return a set back to Sentul Depot.

You read that right – the destination LED sign on the train does indeed say Sungai Buloh.

KTM Komuter 2304up formed of SCS31 standing by for departure from Sentul to Sungai Buloh.

The dynamic route map showing this unique train route.

Due to the hardware of the dynamic route map, the LED lights flash a route via Putra, which isn’t the actual route taken by this train.

As expected, there are no passengers on this unique and possibly unknown route departing at 6.25am in the morning – except me.

As the doors are closed and the train departs, the dynamic route map indeed shows that the next stop is Segambut, and the Putra LED light is flashed as a bypassing line rather than a station.

Splitting off the main line onto the wye junction to Segambut.

Taking a sharp curve on this wye junction.

The sharpness of this curve can be evidently seen on board this SCS – you can barely see 2 coaches down even when standing right at the gangway.

Approaching the junction towards Segambut from this wye junction.

Crossing over to the up line from the wye junction.

The dynamic route map flashes the arrival at Segambut correctly.

Making a brief stop at Segambut – the only morning northbound train to serve this station. Surprisingly, I saw one passenger board this train.

Making a brief stop at Kepong. A few more passengers boarded the train here.

While at the station, the dynamic route map changes to show that this train runs on a Kepong – Sungai Buloh service. I’m not sure if there is a change in train number, or that the sector between Kepong and Putra is set for daily closure for KTM Komuter trains.

Making a brief stop at Kepong Sentral.

The dynamic route map and announcement system did not acknowledge the stop at Kepong Sentral. Hmm, not sure if it’s a GPS issue or the neutral section before the station messed up the system.

Making a stop outside of Sungai Buloh station to allow a southbound Komuter train to clear the platform.

Here, the dynamic route map changes to show the next u-turn service from Sungai Buloh to Kepong already.

Arrived at Sungai Buloh from Sentul at 7.01am – 3 minutes late from schedule. The Komuter train 2109dn to Pelabuhan Klang was still blocking Platform 1 of it’s departure at 6.59am. That also means that there is a clash in the timetable unless this once-a-day train is rerouted to Platform 2, but that would mess up the next formed service to Kepong anyway.

Malaysia is running out of trains to spot with the modernization and standardization of trains. However, short rare services like this still bring a welcome spark to trainspotting and train rides around the country.

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