Lounge Review – Plaza Premium Lounge (Penang International Airport): A Comprehensive Lounge Sufficient for Short-Haul Flights

Penang International Airport has a pretty compact layout and a relatively simple departure transit area. Despite this, there lies a Plaza Premium Lounge on the mezzanine level of the departure area just after immigration. Thanks to my Malindo Business Class ticket which includes a visit to the Plaza Premium Lounge, it’s time to have brunch.

The Plaza Premium Lounge is located a short escalator ride up to the mezzanine level just after departure immigration and security clearance.

An exchange of the lounge voucher at the counter later, and I was off to explore and relax a little.

2 hours for RM168? Honestly, Don’t think I would pay for this if I’m on a normal flight.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Penang Airport features their distinctive lounge seats found in all other Plaza Premium Lounges around the world, which are very comfortable for single travellers or small groups.

There is also a dining area for those who wish to have a meal.

If you wish to work on your laptop, there are bar counters and stools too.

The self-service buffet spread is rather simple at first look with just some hot drinks, orange juice, bread and petit fours.

At the hot counter, the only 2 items available were Nasi Lemak and porridge.

Until I saw this menu. Breakfast is served a la carte style, so just place your order with the chef and come back in 5 minutes.

The cold drinks selection was also diverse enough for a short stay.

Now for pictures of the food.

This is the Western Breakfast, the first item on the menu. It does indeed taste better than it looks, though the portion is rather small. But hey, there’s technically no limit to how much you can order…

… so I went for the Scrambled Egg Croissant next. The egg was pretty much prepared almost the same way as the Western Breakfast. Still good though, especially when I had it with butter.

A small portion of Nasi Lemak just to see how it fares.

Hint: Go for the western. Or have your Nasi Lemak before you come to the airport.

And a little bit of pasta salad (more like just pasta), olives and pickles.

After my brunch, I had around 15 minutes before I had to go to the gate so I lounged around with a drink at the sofa area.

Overall, the meals are pretty satisfactory for airport food and with the small number of flights as compared to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong, it was a pleasant and quiet stay. The lounge lacks shower facilities.

After the lounge stay, I headed back downstairs to board my Malindo flight to Singapore.


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