Rapid Ferry from Butterworth to Penang Island (Georgetown) by Ferry (OUTDATED)

After I alighted from the KTM Komuter Northern Sector from Padang Besar, it’s time to head to Penang Island with none other than the newly-rebranded Rapid Ferry.

The Rapid Ferry / Penang Ferry Service has been replaced with the Penang Fast Ferry.

Click here for Penang Fast Ferry information.

Despite being rebranded, the walking route to the Rapid Ferry is still the same.

Penang Sentral is taking shape though, which is connected to the existing bridge. Wished that they would have actually built a new linkway for the railway station and ferry terminal instead of having this unequal development.

With the Rapid Ferry, the old system of dropping coins into the gate is gone and replaced by a proper ticketing system. However, this also means that you can’t skip the queues at the counter anymore even if you have exact change.

Fares for the Rapid Ferry remains unchanged at just RM1.20 per adult, even with this new ticketing system.

My ticket on my first Rapid Ferry ride. Well technically it’s not my first ride across to Penang Island, just with this new ticket and new service name.

Scan the ticket’s QR code at the turnstiles to enter the waiting area.

All other procedures remain unchanged.

Inside the ferry, the Rapid Ferry branding becomes more apparent.

Pulau Undan, resting at Butterworth, bears a new Rapid Ferry livery with landmarks of Penang.

The journey time across to Penang Island remains the same at around 30 minutes.

Pulau Pinang also spots a new Rapid Ferry livery.

Docking at Penang Island.

Disembarking from the Rapid Ferry.

From here, I got on the Rapid Penang Central Area Transit (CAT) bus to my destination.

This post is about the travel experience onboard the Rapid Ferry.

This is NOT the actual information page you are looking for.

Click here to visit the dedicated Rapid Ferry information page.


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