Lounge Review – SATS Premier Lounge 1 (Changi Airport Terminal 1): A Spacious Lounge Ideal for Overnight Stays

Since my flight to Hat Yai was at 6.10am and I didn’t want to wake up at 3am to get a taxi to the airport by 4am, I decided to get public transport to Changi Airport the night before and overnight inside the terminal again. However, instead of overnighting in the open space of the Departure Transit Lounge again, I opted to use the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 as my overnight accommodation, and was not disappointed.

The SATS Premier Lounge 1 is located on the upper level of the Departure Transit Lounge in Terminal 1, towards the C gates. While it’s just a little further from my gate at Terminal 2 as compared to the SATS Premier Lounge 2 there, at least I’ve now tried all 3 SATS Premier Lounges in the main cluster of terminals in Changi Airport. And I had hours to kill before my flight anyway.

The entrance of the lounge.

With not much passengers in the lounge at 2am in the morning, it was a very spacious and cozy environment.

First off, there seems to be a private area which could be cordoned off should the need arise.

The private area has similar seats as those in the rest of the lounge, just an added partition.

The slightly brighter main area of the SATS Premier Lounge 1.

There is a good mix of lounging and dining chairs, as compared with the SATS Premier Lounges in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

Massage chairs are also available for free at a corner of the lounge.

More seating is available at the further end of the lounge after the dining area.

A TV corner with Channel NewsAsia switched on through the night.

There is also an individual booth seating area if you’d like to catch up on some work or just wish to have your own private cocoon.

Each partition has a padded bench-like seat with charging ports.

Back at the buffet area, a selection of breads is available at supper time.

The Asian area has a selection of rice, noodles, a spiced chicken and vegetables.

For the Western option, there was Beef Brisket with Gnocchi. The Indian Vegetarian dish was Eggplant Chick Peas Masala with rice.

Coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages were available throughout the night.

Soft drinks, juices and beer can be found in the chiller.

My sampler for supper.

Once done, I napped for about an hour (which is all the sleep I got for the night).

I woke up at 4.15am, with a notification on my phone from the iChangi app saying that my flight has been re-timed to 5.55am – 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Time for a quick shower and breakfast before heading to the gate.

The shower and toilet are combined into a single cubicle here.

Towels are available on the rack outside of the cubicles.

The combined shower and toilet cubicle.

The shower has both a typical shower head as well as a rain shower. Soaps are provided too.

A hairdryer is also available in the toilet.

Toothbrush kits, combs and shower caps can be found in the drawer below the sink.

Time for breakfast.

The bread station has been “upgraded” with cereal and fruits.

The Chinese station now has Ee-Fu Noodles and a vegetable pau.

The Western station has Cheese Fritatta, Chicken Sausage, Grilled Tomatoes and Potato Wedges.

And for the local option, white Carrot Cake and Pandan Leaf Chicken.

The drinks section is still complete.

My breakfast before boarding my flight to Hat Yai, where I’ll have no time for breakfast while chasing trains.

Once done, I walked over to my gate back at Terminal 2. Luckily, Gate E24 in Terminal 2 was a walking distance from Terminal 1 and no Skytrain ride was necessary.

Overall, as compared with the SATS Premier Lounges in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, this was, in my opinion, the best experience I’ve had so far with the amount of space and the availability of food and drinks in the lounge. Also, the toilet and shower area isn’t as limited as Terminal 3. With the 50% off ReadyLounge promotion through the Ready To Travel app (S$24.08 after discount, purchased last year), this was a worthwhile investment with a quiet place to sleep in for the night, a shower before my flight and the availability of breakfast which I’d have to pay for at McDonald’s anyway, if I were to have overnight-ed at the common area.

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