MRT Jakarta from Lebak Bulus Grab to Fatmawati and Blok M by Ratangga Train

As the crowds at Lebak Bulus Grab didn’t allow me to exit the station again, I headed straight up to the opposite platform to start trainspotting.

6 sleeping Ratanggas in the depot. Should really be out and about ferrying the crowd.

Another Ratangga is parked ahead from the stabling points, perhaps as a standby set for operations.

Boarding the Ratangga to Fatmawati.

Goodbye sleeping Ratanggas.

The Ratangga at Fatmawati.

As Fatmawati is located just before a curve, this is an excellent spot to snap photos of Ratanggas coming in on a curve.

My Ratangga departing Fatmawati for Bundaran HI.

An inbound Ratangga for Lebak Bulus Grab.

Unfortunately for this curve, the angle for pictures would be a lot nicer if the trains travelled on the left like in Indonesia and Japan rather than the right like in the Netherlands.

The Ratangga for Lebak Bulus Grab at Fatmawati.

In less than 10 minutes, the weather transformed from sunny to stormy. I could only spot the Ratangga in the rain while significantly inside the platform lest I get totally soaked.

Barricades are placed on the platform by the staff prior to the thunderstorm to demarcate the wet zone of the platform.

The rather huge wet zone of the platform. Unfortunately, due to the strong incoming winds, the entire platform became misty too.

The “extended” wet zone of Fatmawati MRT Station, including the entire northbound platform.

As the winds were really strong, the barricades kept toppling over too. A hardworking staff had to be stationed there to keep putting the barriers up while braving the rain.

Once the next Ratangga pulled in, I quickly hopped on board to get out of my unwanted Songkran experience.

Inside the Ratangga with full interior advertisements.

Really aggressive marketing on‘s part with lots of advertisements in stations and on trains.

The car number of the Ratangga set.

Disembarking from the Ratangga set at Blok M.

By this time, the thunderstorm had ceased.

The Ratangga set heading off from Blok M to Bundaran HI.

The 3-tracks station of Blok M, probably for Ratanggas to turn back around for a higher level of service during peak periods.

Heading down to the concourse.

The wide concourse of Blok M.

Heading out of the ticket gates to find lunch.

Notice a linkbridge of sorts? Blok M is the only MRT station in the MRT Jakarta network to be physically connected to an adjacent shopping mall.

Turning left towards Exit B to head to Blok M Plaza to find lunch.

The linkway to Blok M Plaza is just beside Exit B.

I can foresee this shopping mall getting a surge of traffic thanks to the MRT Jakarta.

From here, I got lunch before heading back to Dukuh Atas BNI to catch the Railink back to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport for my flight back home.

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