rapidKL Kelana Jaya Line Refurbished 2-Car EMU

RailTravel Station was lucky to find and board the sole active refurbished 2-car train on the Kelana Jaya Line.

The new external livery features the corporate colours of rapidKL and includes their social media links on the top. The headlights are also changed to LED lights.

The interior of the refurbished set. Notable differences as compared to the old interior includes similarities with the existing 4-car set. The original grabpole design is rotated 90 degrees. The bucket seats are also ergonomically curved.

More priority seats are included in the refurbished set, together with a television featuring advertisements and travel advises.

The route map design remains as current. We hope that there will be plans to integrate dynamic route maps featured on the new Ampang Line and KTM Komuter rolling stock.

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