Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour • Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 Aircraft Tour with Photo Opportunities

Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour

As part of the Restaurant A380 @Changi dining experience, there is an optional Pre-Dining “Restaurant” Tour included before my non-flying flight. And by restaurant, Singapore Airlines is referring to the Airbus A380-800.

I made sure I submitted my Supplementary Details Form way early, minutes before even receiving the email for it (Thanks The Milelion’s Restaurant A380 @Changi Telegram community group for sharing the link!), to hopefully be higher up on the interest list to be secured a slot, since it wasn’t a promised activity as part of the Restaurant A380 @Changi dining experience, with Singapore Airlines clearly advertising it as “limited slots available”.

There are 3 classes of Restaurant A380 @Changi experiences here on RailTravel Station.

There are also fringe activities for Restaurant A380 @Changi diners.

Boarding the Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour

There was a slight delay (thankfully) to my 10.00am tour slot, named Chennai. I had actually got to the gate at 10.02am and was worried that I might miss my slot, with the security staff telling me to hurry up too, but when I got to the gate, was told to wait around first for boarding calls. Phew.

In typical boarding fashion, passengers on “Chennai” were called to Gate B4 by the emcee, and the waiting game ensued with staff splitting passengers into groups of 5.

9V-SKV is parked at Gate B5, presumably as a spare plane restaurant in case one of the two assigned A380s fail somehow.

The APU is readily connected too.

Hello, aerobridge. How I missed you.

Heading down the aerobridge to the aircraft approximately 30 minutes after my assigned time slot.

There is extremely safe distancing within the 5-person tour group.

The Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour will use 9V-SKN, the same aircraft which I used for my Restaurant A380 @Changi Business Class dining experience.

Waiting before the aerobridge to the upper deck as there was a group ahead who had not entered yet.

I love this tour already – taking photos (in allowed areas of course) without permission and without being questioned. In fact, the tour guide told me that there will be more photo opportunities on board, and I was able to sit down in every class, but not lie down.

Moving down (or up?) the aerobridge just before the boarding door.

Waiting outside the boarding door for the group ahead to clear out of the Suites first.

Boarding the Airbus A380-800 after almost a year since coming back from Hong Kong.

Singapore Airlines New A380 Suites

The single-aisle Airbus A380-800 section. Never thought it would be possible to write that sentence on RailTravel Station.

My first view of the New A380 Suites. Suites 1A & 2A, and 1F & 2F can be combined to form a double Suite, while Suites 3A and 3F are single Suites.

Suites 1A and 2A are available to walk in, and you are welcome to sit on the seat.

Look at all the top champagne that I won’t be drinking later. Also, I can see why I should not lie down.

The side table is full of amenities.

Looking into Suite 1A.

There is a tablet to control the KrisWorld entertainment system. I’m not sure if the gigantic monitor in the Suite is a touch-screen, but I don’t even use the remote control in Economy Class normally, let alone a tablet as a control panel. But it sure is impressive.

Suite 2F is laid out with dining tableware.

Hopefully I’ll somehow be able to afford this in cash one day. Maybe 50 years from now, who knows.

The unlimited legroom available on board the New A380 Suites.

There are 2 toilets available for the 6 Suite passengers at maximum capacity. Talk about luxury. Ladies and gentlemen, this here, is the small toilet.

Yes, small.

There is a bench-sofa beside the toilet bowl in the small toilet in case you would like to sit down and powder up.

And this is the big toilet. This has a separate powder area when first walking in.

The separate toilet area is up ahead after the half-height partition.

The staircase down to the cockpit and Premium Economy.

Singapore Airlines New A380 Business Class

The Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour continues to Business Class behind.

Business Class has a double bed too at 11D & 11F, 91D & 91F (not featured), and 96D & 96F (not featured).

The seats of the Business Class seat with a centre divider, with the centre divider lowered.

The single Business Class window seat which I will be on for my dining experience.

The legroom available on board Business Class.

Looking down at the main Business Class cabin.

There is a smaller, more private, Business Class cabin behind.

Peeking inside the Business Class toilet.

Heading down the spiral staircase at the back of the aircraft.

In normal times, access is restricted.

Singapore Airlines New Economy Class

Heading down the Economy Class section. Ah, this is familiar. I do miss this place.

The rear Economy Class cabin on the lower deck.

The famous Seat 63D with a missing seat in front.

The empty space, where the missing seat is, is for the emergency escape hatch for the crew bunks below the deck, making Seat 63D a super stretchy seat for your legs.

Looking down at the almost-empty Economy Class cabin.

The generous Economy Class space you get on the retrofitted A380s. Here’s my previous experience from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The KrisWorld IFE is set for SQ380 from Singapore to Singapore.

The legroom on board Economy Class.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy Class is used as a holding area for the cockpit visit. While waiting, you can roam around the cabin to take pictures freely.

While there’s quite a number of seats, the whole cabin feels quite private at the front of the plane.

The legroom on board Premium Economy Class.

The seat back feels lower than Economy Class, but the headrest can be adjusted up and the KrisWorld screen can be flipped up to fit your line of sight.

The front staircase up to the upper deck of the A380.

Various souvenirs for children are displayed in a basinet in Premium Economy Class.

Airbus A380 Cockpit and Crew Rest Area Visit

There is also an opportunity to view the Captain’s and First Officer’s crew rest area, and visit the cockpit to interact with them, including taking a personal photo with the captain. However, photography is not permitted anywhere else in the crew rest areas or cockpit.

Disembarking from the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour

After the cockpit visit, disembarkation is by the front lower aerobridge at Premium Economy Class.

Heading back up the aerobridge.

A strange change in walking path, the tour ends back in the gate hold room rather than turning out, for passengers to continue with the gate-hold room activities while waiting for the actual flight to commence boarding.

Overall, a pleasant small group tour around an empty Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 – something which might be impossible once everyone is able to fly freely again.

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