Restaurant A380 @Changi S$96.30 Premium Economy Class Experience • A Premium And Affordable Dining Experience On Board Airbus A380-800

Singapore Airlines Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class Experience

Thanks to a friend, I have some additional photos of the Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class experience on the first day, so you can have a look at 3 classes of experiences right here on RailTravel Station.

No Suites unfortunately, let me save up a lot more money first.

While typically a step-up from the Economy Class experience, Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class offers an elevated level of service with the seat and facilities comparable to other airlines’ regional Business Class.

There are 3 classes of Restaurant A380 @Changi experiences here on RailTravel Station.

There are also fringe activities for Restaurant A380 @Changi diners.

Restaurant A380 @Changi Check-In

Check-in for the Restaurant A380 @Changi was at Row 1 for Premium Economy Class passengers too.

Passport details are checked at a sorting counter, before being assigned to a check-in counter. Seating is pre-assigned, and the invitation cards are already assigned according to class and/or row at the various counters.

Restaurant A380 @Changi “Immigration”

Heading for security screening and placebo immigration.

Bags are checked manually before entering the SIA First Class Departure area, and your identity is checked with your passport inside immigration, where passports are collected throughout your stay in the Transit Area.

Once in through First Class immigration, ground staff are on hand throughout the path from First Class immigration to the Gate-Hold Room for Gates B1-B4.

No stopping to shop is allowed – that will be for those with Changi Airport Transit Area Shopping Tour Airport Experience Event bookings only, after the lunch.

Outside Gates B1-B4, separate queues are formed for each wristband colour ie. aircraft.

Just like everywhere in Singapore, scan the SafeEntry QR code for the Restaurant A380 @Changi. Your attendance is also checked at the counter before heading through security.

Despite not even pushing back from the gate, existing liquids, aerosols and gels restrictions apply when entering the gate-hold room, which I’m not sure why it’s necessary. Even domestic flights within Malaysia are not subject to such restrictions (and families have takeaway snack and drink parties on board AirAsia).

Restaurant A380 @Changi Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour

As part of the Restaurant A380 @Changi dining experience, there is an optional Pre-Dining Aircraft Tour included while waiting for the dining experience to commence.

Click here to read about the Pre-Dining Restaurant Tour.

Don’t worry, there’s a link in that article to bring you back to this one.

Restaurant A380 @Changi Gate-Hold Room Activities

The gate-hold room activities are the same for all passengers on board the Restaurant A380 @Changi.

Click here to see the gate-hold room activities on 24 October 2020 (actual date of this experience).

Click here to see the gate-hold room activities on 1 November 2020.

Boarding the Restaurant A380 @Changi

About 30 minutes delayed from schedule, boarding was called in the usual fashion of classes and rows. And just like the old normal, there are people attempting to board when it’s not their turn yet.

Love the aerobridge smell of aircon and jet fuel.

9V-SKN will be flying me from Singapore to Singapore today. Minus the flying.

Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class

Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class is laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration on board the Airbus A380.

While there’s quite a number of seats, the whole cabin feels quite private at the front of the plane.

The generous legroom on board Premium Economy Class.

The seat back feels lower than Economy Class, but the headrest can be adjusted up and the KrisWorld screen can be flipped up to fit your line of sight.

The USB and headphone jacks are found in between the seats behind the armrest. Noise cancelling headsets are provided in Premium Economy Class.

The remote control and seat controls are found by the side of the seats. Aside from recline, there is also a calf rest. Interestingly, there is also an NFC payment receiver by the seat.

Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class Dining Experience

Here’s the Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class menu to go through first. A .pdf menu is sent along with the KrisShop order confirmation. And sticking with the latest service changes, the paper menu is no longer provided on board.

My friend went for the Shermay Lee’s Selection of Itek Siow and Chap Chai. I would have preferred if it was spelt as Itek Sio instead as that is how it is spelt and pronounced. Itek Siow just sounds like a crazy duck.

Photo by Frederic H.

The Shermay Lee’s Selection of Itek Siow and Chap Chai in Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class was served with Business Class tableware and linen, similar to Restaurant A380 @Changi Economy Class. Typically, meals on board Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class come with linen but the rest are usual Economy Class tableware, with the meal out of a casserole too.

Champagne was offered in Premium Economy Class as part of the meal service.

Photo by Frederic H.

A nice big screen to enjoy KrisWorld while having a hearty meal.

The Prawns on Mung Bean Noodle Salad with Thai Dressing was reminiscent of some Vietnamese dish ratehr than Thai. It was also oniony and didn’t really sit well.

Photo by Frederic H.

However, the Itek Siow and Chap Chai were pretty good. The duck was somewhat tough but it was still alright with the tamarind sauce saving it. All the zhap from the Itek and Chai complemented itself naturally, a palatable Peranakan dish

The attention by the cabin crew was also noteworthy, making sure that every glass was a Magically Refilling Glass, just like in Business Class. The apple juice was refilled on-sight by the attentive cabin crew, who also remembered the choice of favourite drink.

Photo by Frederic H.

The meal ended with a dessert of Mango Ice Cream and Almond Tuile. It was served rock hard, just like 35,000 feet in the air. But of course, that is better than slimy, half-melted ice cream.

The pilots of the Restaurant A380 @Changi also came down to Premium Economy to chat twice, and the cabin crew offered SIA bears upon request.

If you prefer videos, here’s another experience from another friend who went for the Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class, but during dinner:

Video by Afiq Azman

Disembarking from Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class

Disembarkation was called by the SATS ground crew in an orderly safe-distancing fashion, with Premium Economy Class passengers disembarking before Economy Class passengers since it was up front. This was completed before Business Class was even served the dessert and cheese plate.

Thank you 9V-SKN.

Heading back into the terminal building.

Heading out back to the Transit Area to arrivals.

Singapore Airlines ground staff line the path towards arrival immigration.

The friendly SIA ground staff bidding everyone goodbye as everyone heads down to arrival immigration.

It was a simple passing through immigration since there’s nothing to check in the first place, aside from wristbands.

The welcoming green arrival hall of Terminal 3.

Passport collection for blue wristbands are at Row 47, with table numbers assigned by row numbers.

Once out, we headed back up to the departures level to check-in for the Changi Airport Transit Area Shopping Tour.

Overall, a pleasant experience on board Restaurant A380 @Changi Premium Economy Class, highlighting the best of in-flight services – what Singapore Airlines is known for around the world.

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