Changi Airport Experience Event • Singapore Airlines Restaurant A380 @Changi Transit Area Shopping Tour

The Changi Airport Experience Event is an optional Transit Area Shopping Tour by Changi Airport Group exclusively for passengers on board the Restaurant A380 @Changi. The invite for this tour was sent together with the Restaurant A380 @Changi confirmation email, to which I had to reply a “YES” to.

The Airport Experience Event time slot for Restaurant A380 @Changi lunch diners like me is from 4pm to 6pm, so it’s a bit of a flip over to be visiting the Transit Area only after a flight.

Also, since my Restaurant A380 @Changi Business Class experience ended later than scheduled at 4pm, I was ready to expect my Transit Area Shopping Tour registration to be voided.

But I guess Changi Airport Group knew about the delay, and I was still able to register for my tour at Row 11 at around 4.15pm, despite registration supposedly closing at 3.50pm sharp according to the Changi Airport Experience Event confirmation email.

There are 3 classes of Restaurant A380 @Changi experiences here on RailTravel Station.

There are also fringe activities for Restaurant A380 @Changi diners.

Those going for the Changi Airport Experience Event need to be a Changi Rewards member first, and a QR code is present before entering the queue to register for free.

I headed straight in since I’m already a member and have my e-card in the iChangi app.

Check-in for the Changi Airport Experience Event is by the first letter of your name.

At the check-in counter, I presented my Changi Rewards e-Card, passport, and NRIC, which feels like exchanging for the Visitor Airport Pass at the Visitor Pass Office, since it was a Certis CISCO officer handling my pass exchange.

My Visitor Airport Pass for the Changi Airport Experience Event.

There’s also a receipt attached to the Visitor Airport Pass with my personal details written on it.

A Shopping Guide was handed out by my Tour Ambassador to see what’s in store for the Changi Airport Experience Event.

Here’s what the brochure contains:

There are exclusive Changi experiences and various shopping discounts, including duty and GST-absorbed prices.

With the Visitor Airport Pass being valid for Departures, the tour entrance to the Transit Area is at the Staff Entrance at Terminal 3 North. No photos around there for obvious reasons.

Ah, I miss this place.

The first stop of the day is where all Singaporeans visit after arriving back in Singapore, but in a different area – the the liquor and tobacco concession.

Lotte Duty Free has taken over DFS for the liquor and tobacco concession at Changi Airport at an unpredictable worst timing possible, and this shopping tour might be the first time Lotte is seeing a steady stream of crowds at their store. The stores still bear the DFS look without renovations, with renovation works taking place in phases at all stores.

I decided to get a bottle of Port since I didn’t get to have a glass when having my cheese on board the Restaurant A380 @Changi in Business Class. This is at the same price as duty free, with Lotte absorbing the duties and taxes payable.

The Singapore Airlines restaurants parked at Gates B1-B4. Would have loved to be back on the A350 Economy Class to remind myself of actual flying.

You were allowed to go into any shop in the Transit Area as you please, as long as the group is not split up. This includes stopping by any food and beverage outlet, but I was so full from my Business Class lunch, and had lots to drink too.

There seems to be some good deals at The Cocoa Trees but I didn’t take a look since I’m not a big chocolate eater.

A TWG Tea Appreciation was also advertised, featuring a mini exclusive tea appreciation paired with TWG Tea macaron sampling, but this didn’t seem to be in place, with 2 pieces of macarons given out to customers who make a purchase instead.

Finally seeing Louis Vuitton’s Changi Airport store in person uncovered by hoardings and without glass panels between me and the store.

A temporary mobile screen at the Central Piazza features the open stores in the Transit Area for passengers flying out of Singapore to spend their time at.

Duplicated concessions are closed towards the ends of the Transit Area.

The tour ends back at Row 11 where the Visitor Airport Pass is returned. The staff then asks to fill out a survey form of the tour, and gives each participant a 300g bar of Frey Chocolate Caramel Crispies.

Overall, a pleasant shopping tour around Terminal 3 Transit Area after not being inside for months. I hope to see other kinds of tours appearing soon which focuses more on the airport and not purely shopping though, which might be a better fit for the crowd too since half of those at the Restaurant A380 @Changi on the first day are at least some form of aviation geeks. Something that’s a little bit behind the scenes, just like the Singapore Cable Car Gai Gai Tour, would be quite interesting and might even sell out as fast as the Restaurant A380 @Changi.

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