Hotel Review: Salvator Hotel Palembang • Budget Hotel adjacent to Cinde LRT Station

Salvator Hotel Palembang is an affordable hotel located near Pasar Cinde and perpendicular to Cinde LRT Station, which makes it convenient to explore the LRT line (aka my purpose of visit) and to get around Palembang in general since there are both LRT and Trans Musi bus services serving the road outside.

The air-conditioned front desk area is quite welcoming with chairs to sit on while waiting, and a cordial drink to help yourself if you wish to have a drink to cool down from the warm Palembang weather. The staff here were also very friendly.

I booked the Standard Single room for my stay. Here’s the view of the room from the entrance. Pretty compact.

Most of the room is taken up by the bed itself. While small, it actually offers just enough room to store things around, and the pros is that you don’t have to walk around to grab your things.

The side table at the foot of the bed offers a power socket.

The side table beside the bed also offers a power socket, and perhaps a disused socket for a table lamp. However, this corner of the room was a bit dusty.

The interior of the toilet. There was a little bit of stench in it, with the door lock not working (not an issue since this is a single room) and the door was off its bottom hinge, so the door can only be moved by lifting it by the broken door handle and setting it down again – probably why the handle broke.

The shower is located just beside the toilet bowl.

Towels and toiletries are provided.

The small sink available behind the door.

A basic buffet breakfast is included in the room rate.

Coffee, tea, the cordial drink from the lobby, and water are available.

The buffet includes toast, fried noodles, fried rice, tempeh and a freshly prepared fried egg by the waitress. It’s a simple breakfast, but quite filling nonetheless.

Overall, Salvator Hotel Palembang might not be the best hotel in terms of comfort, but the staff, location and price makes up for it. The rooms are comfortable enough for a night’s rest, the hotel location makes it accessible to the airport, Ampera, Palembang Icon and Jakabaring, and the staff are very friendly, processing the check-in and check-out smoothly and someone would be waiting at the door at all times. If I’m on a budget or require a short stay again, I would consider Salvator Hotel Palembang again.

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