Lounge Review – Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA: A basic lounge for a short stay

My Malindo Business Class ticket came with a “meal voucher”. This can be used at food outlets, of course, but using it at a lounge would make better sense.

The two lounges on the voucher are the KLIA Premier Access Lounge and the Sama-Sama Express Lounge. Since the latter had shower facilities, that’s where I opted to spend my time in.

The Sama-Sama Express Lounge is located above Gate C5 of the Satellite Terminal, in the transit area.

The little entrance where the buggy is parked, leading up to the Sama-Sama Express Lounge and Transit Hotel.

The counter of the Sama-Sama Express Lounge. Not much smiles here though. After handing my voucher over, the staff walked away to check on something and then came back to say that I’m allowed to enter. Not sure what the issue was, but whatever works I guess.

Most of the seating area in the lounge are for four to a centre table like a cafe. There is a lack of charging ports though, they seem to be only found on the bar counter on the right of this picture, facing the entrance of the lounge and hotel.

The very sad looking fruits chiller – 3 slices of watermelon can be found inside. Alcoholic drinks in the minibar are not included in the lounge service but can be ordered a la carte.

Luckily they had a coffee machine and some petit fours, in the loose sense of the word. There were love letters and pandan dodol.

The appetiser and dessert section of the buffet. There wasn’t any order in laying out the food here though, the tuna puffs and crackers can be placed beside a sweet dessert tart, and you wouldn’t know which one was the tuna since there weren’t any labels aside from “Appetiser / Dessert”.

Hot food was also available, but I didn’t get any photos of it. There was Fried Rice, Spiced Chicken, Stewed Vegetables, Penne pasta (plain) and Carbonara sauce (which was a cream sauce with no meat but just capsicum).

Cold drinks of Mango (yes, I know it looks like Orange but trust me.) and Lime Juice were available, along with toast on the side.

Kind of a messy buffet put together, but it still kind of worked in the end since I managed to try almost everything. Not the best tasting food though.

Of course, the main highlight and purpose of the lounge visit was a shower.

Each shower cubicle has a separate wet and dry area, which made it really convenient. A towel is laid out for you in the dry area of the cubicle. Soap is provided in the wet area.

If you need additional towels, or other toiletries such as a toothbrush kit, shaving kit or shower cap, you can help yourself to them on the tray here.

A clean sink area with paper towels can be used for brushing your teeth or shaving. Not too pleased with the litter in front of the rubbish bin though.

Overall, since it was a free lounge visit with my RM109.10 Business Class ticket, I guess I don’t really have any grounds to complain. In fact, it’s probably thanks to this lounge visit that I had a shower and some substantial dinner (and coffee, yes.) before I board my flight back to Singapore. Not the best, yes, but it definitely fulfilled its purpose.

If you plan to pay for the usage of this lounge as an economy passenger though, it costs just RM55 nett per person for 3 hours of usage, which actually makes it a very affordable airport lounge to rest and relax in. Just remember to bring along your powerbank.


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