Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop from Ropeway-Iriguchi to Nishi-Yon-Chōme by Tram

Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop from Ropeway-Iriguchi to Nishi-Yon-Chōme

The Sapporo Streetcar runs a double-tracked loop on the streets south of Sapporo Station. Once done with my visit to Mount Moiwa for the Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway and Morris Car, I took the Sapporo Streetcar again from Ropeway-Iriguchi Station back to downtown Sapporo as it is the most frequent public transport service from the Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway.

Ropeway-Iriguchi Station

Ropeway-Iriguchi Station, as the name suggests, is the closest Sapporo Streetcar station from Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway.

If heading back to downtown Sapporo, the Outer Loop with a yellow sign on the platform offers a more direct journey. If you are not joyriding on the Sapporo Streetcar like me, you should take the Sapporo Streetcar Outer Loop for a faster journey.

However, as I wanted to try the full route of the Sapporo Streetcar, I took the longer Inner Loop instead.

The thin Ropeway-Iriguchi Station platform on the Inner Loop.

The station sign of Ropeway-Iriguchi Station on the Inner Loop.

The timetable of the Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop from Ropeway-Iriguchi Station.

The route map of the Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop from Ropeway-Iriguchi Station.

Live graphical position of every streetcar is displayed on the screen at the platform.

The door position to board the Sapporo Streetcar is marked on the platform, taking up more than half of the platform width.

Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop

The Sapporo Streetcar arriving at Nishi-Yon-Chōme Inner Loop Station. Boarding is front the rear door.

The interior of the Sapporo City Transportation Bureau 240 Series Streetcar, first introduced in 1960.

Flat fares apply on the Sapporo Streetcar at 200 yen for each adult. Payment is made on alighting at the front door.

Susukino Station

On the Sapporo Streetcar Inner Loop, the first station in the main city area is Susukino Station. This was the former terminus of the Sapporo Streetcar but is now a thoroughfare with the new Toshin Line. This is also an interchange station for the Namboku Subway Line.

Turning left on to Sapporoekimae Dori while passing the iconic lit-up Susukino area.

Heading on Sapporoekimae Dori.

Tanuki Koji Station

Tanuki Koji Station is located on Sapporoekimae Dori at the junction of Tanukikoji Shopping Street.

Press the bell when the stop is approaching, just like a bus.

Nishi-Yon-Chōme Station

Paying my fare upon alighting from the front door at Nishi-Yon-Chōme Station.

The Sapporo Streetcar at Nishi-Yon-Chōme Station, about to continue on its journey on the Inner Loop again.

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