ScotRail 1L92 from Perth to Edinburgh Waverley by Train

ScotRail 1L92 Train from Perth to Edinburgh Waverley

A quick sprint from Platform 4 from my arriving ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train to Platform 6 for my immediate connecting ScotRail 1L92 train from Perth to Edinburgh Waverley was necessary with only 2 minutes to spare on scheduled departure time, which was more worrying for me as I knew it could have only been 1 minute, as trains in the UK can depart 1 minute early before scheduled departure time.

Perth Railway Station

Passengers got to Platform 6 frantically pressing the door open button with no reaction. It turned out that the rear train was not in service, and there was a front train instead, which was the actual ScotRail 1L92 train from Perth to Edinburgh Waverley.

Thankfully, the conductor of the front train called out for us and the sprint continued past the rear train to board the front train, the actual ScotRail 1L92 train.

I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw the signal ahead was still in danger.

The empty ScotRail Class 170 Turbostar which will in a few seconds filled with passengers from my previous ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train.

I walked to the front car for more seats before the crowd poured in.

This extremely tight connection was saved by ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 herself, as she departed from Perth first, occupying the track ahead, and thus delaying this connecting ScotRail 1L92 train.

Thanks for the block, ScotRail Inter7City 1T92, and signallers at Perth.

My ScotRail 1L92 train departed from Perth at 8.07pm – 3 minutes delayed due to ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 occupying the track ahead.

Passing by the Perth Power Box.

Passing by Perth Royal Mail Delivery Office.

A mix of table and airline seats are available on board the ScotRail Class 170 Turbostar.

3-pin power sockets are provided by the window seats.

The legroom on board the ScotRail Class 170 Turbostar in an airline seat.

A fold-down table is provided at the back of airline seats.

Heading left on Hilton Junction towards Ladybank.

The sun was very slowly starting to set.

Enjoying my rather empty ride on the Turbostar this evening.

Passing through Ladybank Junction merging with the Edinburgh-Dundee Line.

Ladybank Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Ladybank Railway Station where the train made up time already.

Continuing along with the sunset.

Markinch Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Markinch Railway Station.

Passing through Thornton Junction leading towards Glenrothes with Thornton on the Fife Circle Line.

Passing through Thornton South Junction leading from Glenrothes with Thornton on the Fife Circle Line. This is a wye junction for the Fife Circle Line.

Kirkcaldy Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Kirkcaldy Railway Station.

Heading along the coast of the Firth of Forth on the Fife Circle Line.

Inverkeithing Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Inverkeithing Railway Station.

Approaching the Forth Bridges at Inverkeithing.

Crossing the Forth Bridge over the Firth of Forth.

Looking over at The Queensferry Crossing and Forth Road Bridge across the Firth of Forth.

Looking down at Queensferry from the Forth Bridge.

Passing by Edinburgh Airport.

Edinburgh Gateway Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Edinburgh Gateway Railway Station. This is an interchange station with the Edinburgh Trams to continue on to Edinburgh Airport.

Heading alongside the Glasgow-Edinburgh via Falkirk Line at Saughton.

Passing by an Edinburgh Trams tram.

Passing by Haymarket Depot.

Arriving at Haymarket.

Haymarket Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Haymarket Railway Station.

It’s been a nice private coach from Perth to Edinburgh.

Push the button to open doors.

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

My ScotRail 1L92 train arrived at Edinburgh Waverley at 9.29pm – 3 minutes early.

My ScotRail 1L92 train at the buffers of Edinburgh Waverley.

Heading out through the gate line.

As it was almost sunset at 9.30pm and I still haven’t had dinner yet, I headed up to Waverley Bridge to The Booking Office.

The Booking Office is a Wetherspoon pub which offers good and affordable food and drinks, and this is debatable by everyone living in the UK.

The interior of The Booking Office has a railway vibe with various posters around the pub and interior architecture which resembles a train station, within a train station. Live train information is also shown on screens.


The first few minutes of the journey was very exciting with a sprint done at a railway station which I was unfamiliar with then. Thankfully, no steps needed to be climbed and it was easy to find Platform 6, though the rear train trolled everyone for a bit. Nonetheless, the helpfulness of the ScotRail staff I’ve met from Inverness to Edinburgh made this disruption and delay situation a good journey, and best concluded with a drink at The Booking Office.

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