ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 from Inverness to Perth by Train

ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 from Inverness to Perth by Train

ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 was not my planned train departing from Inverness, as my Advance Single ticket I was holding had an Inverness-Edinburgh direct train instead. However, checking the departure board at Inverness Railway Station, it appears that my booked 6.53pm train has been truncated to Perth.

Inverness Railway Station

I headed over to the ticket office to find out what the matter was and how I was going to Edinburgh, and the staff confirmed that my booked train had been cancelled due to a change in timetable. Guess I booked my ticket too early, but then again, that’s how I got my low fare. And now my ticket is magically for any permitted route with endorsement.

I was then given some alternatives which the staff helpfully printed for me, and decided on this combination via Stirling.

May I also add that ScotRail and staff in the Highlands are extremely railway fan friendly.

Since there wasn’t a queue, the ticket office staff and at the gate line were helping me with my decision on what combination to take, and while they were trying to convince me to take this earlier departure and not have dinner first to not risk further ongoing delays, they finally convinced me to take the 5.26pm as it was going to be operated by an Inter7city HST train set, and I would be risking the train type if I were to wait for the next train and have dinner first as they weren’t sure what it would be yet.

Thank you to the ScotRail staff at Inverness. It sounds like I’m not your first customer deciding on which train to take based on rolling stock.

My Advance Single ticket was then endorsed to be fit for travel on the earlier 5.26pm train, due to my original train time being amended, that I have no such train to take any more.

But alas, the 5.26pm train is delayed due to a broken down train earlier in the day, causing havoc on the single track line.

Nevertheless, the kind staff at the gate line assured me that it wouldn’t be too severe of a delay and that it may be possible to make my suggested connection, as the train will turn around almost immediately at Inverness.

My ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train would be departing from Inverness Platform 2.

And hello, HST once again! This train cancellation turned out to be awesome.

I headed to the front of the train in the hopes of less crowds on board.

ScotRail Inter7City 1T92

My front locomotive was formed of Class 43 43144.

Boarding my ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train.

The interior of the Inter7City in Standard Class.

The front car was empty and I had a table to myself for the whole trip.

2 3-pin power sockets are available on each table. Sockets are placed upside down to allow the wires from the bottom of the plug to come out on top instead.

A toilet is available on board the coach.

My ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train departed from Inverness at 5.47pm – 21 minutes delayed.

Goodbye Caledonian Sleeper, not heading to London this time.

Passing by another HST set outside Inverness.

The Highlands view from the Highland Main Line.

Heading on the Findhorn Viaduct over the River Findhorn.

Carrbridge Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Carrbridge Railway Station.

Passing by Stagecoach in the Highlands Aviemore depot.

Aviemore Railway Station

Making a brief stop at the restored and refurbished Aviemore Railway Station.

Taking a quick photo of the platform at Aviemore Railway Station seconds before the doors shut again.

Departing from Aviemore Railway Station.

Kingussie Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Kingussie Railway Station.

Heading alongside the River Spey.

Pitlochry Railway Station

Making a longer stop at Pitlochry Railway Station for crossing with the opposing train.

With the long stop, I stepped out to the platform for a breather and to spot the incoming train for crossing.

My ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train at Pitlochry Railway Station.

The façade of Pitlochry Railway Station from Platform 2.

There is a smaller station building on Platform 2.

Crossing with an opposing ScotRail Inter7City HST set heading to Inverness.

Heading back to my coach.

Departing from Pitlochry at 7.34pm, now running 29 minutes late due to waiting for the crossing.

Dunkeld & Birnam Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Dunkeld & Birnam Railway Station.


The ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 Perth-based conductor on 18 May 2022 was very helpful with her observations and announcements as she constantly gave updates on the train delay and connection possibilities for passengers for Edinburgh as she observed quite a number of passengers for Edinburgh on this delayed train.

Potential train connections were also researched by her on the move, and announced along the journey to Perth, where she was based at, and advised passengers for Edinburgh to change at Perth if the train maintains making up time instead of the suggested Stirling connection as she was not able to confirm if the ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 would be able to make up more time for the Stirling connection.

Based on platform assignment at Perth, it looked possible to connect as she was familiar with Perth, but not Stirling, and passengers who wish to connect at Stirling should find out more information from the next conductor which she will inform about the Edinburgh situation.

With her helpful personalised announcements including the reasons for the delay and how the train was making up time, I felt comfortable on the delayed train with the conductor’s personalised service for Edinburgh passengers even with an impending sprint ahead of me.

Perth Railway Station

I heeded the conductor’s advice and decided to alight at Perth Railway Station for the connection to Edinburgh.

My ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 train arrived at Perth at 8.02pm – 25 minutes delayed. This train would be continuing on to Stirling and Glasgow Queen Street with a new set of crew, where it terminates.

The connecting train to Edinburgh was going to depart at 8.04pm.

Passengers were standing by at the train doors already and it was a massive sprint over to Platform 6 through the short passageways.

A Turbostar was at the end of Platform 6.

Is this my train?



ScotRail Inter7City 1T92 was not my planned train, being an alternative and dealing with delays throughout my journey, but the excellent service provided by staff at Inverness and on board the train made it more comfortable knowing that they are looking out for affected passengers and providing the best advice and service where possible. Getting an Inter7City HST is of course another bonus, and I enjoyed my ride on it.

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