ScotRail North Berwick Line 2Y22 from Edinburgh Waverley to North Berwick by Train

ScotRail North Berwick Line Train from Edinburgh Waverley to North Berwick

North Berwick is a popular weekend destination from Edinburgh, and on a branch line off the East Coast Main Line. Reasonably frequent ScotRail trains run between Edinburgh Waverley and North Berwick daily, with the weekend schedule doubled to around every half an hour by splitting the 2 sets of 3-car trains in weekday hourly pattern to a single 3-car train every half hour on weekends.

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station is the main railway station of Scotland, even though the façade of the Market Street entrance does not really showcase its importance.

The Balmoral Hotel, however, which was once the North British (Railway Station) Hotel, can be seen in the background.

There are no cheap advance fares for the North Berwick Line as a standalone, so getting your ticket online or at the ticket machine on a weekend would yield the same fare.

On weekdays, use the ScotRail app to purchase a Super Off-Peak Day Return mTicket for the cheapest price if available.

The station concourse of Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station.

The next train to North Berwick would be departing from Platform 4.

Heading to the western side for Platform 4. There are no ticket gates for Platform 4.

Just as I arrived at Platform 4, the incoming train from North Berwick had also arrived, formed of a British Rail Class 385 AT200 3-car set.

Scotrail Class 385 385033 would be operating on my 2Y22 from Edinburgh Waverley to North Berwick.

Boarding the ScotRail 2Y22 to North Berwick.

The interior of the Class 385 AT200 in Standard Class. Only Standard Class is offered on the 3-car set and to North Berwick.

Most seats are laid out in tables with facing seats.

There are some airline seats but some come with no view.

A fold-down seating area is available near the toilet which also doubles up as a space for bicycles.

The interior of the toilet on board.

Luggage racks are available near the doors.

The train quickly filled up with passengers in a constant stream till departure time.

A 3-pin power socket is available below and between each pair of seats.

My ticket for my journey from Edinburgh Waverley to North Berwick.

I had also bought a PlusBus with my train ticket for more joyrides when I arrive back in Edinburgh. More information later.

My ScotRail North Berwick Line 2Y22 departed from Edinburgh Waverley at 12.11pm – 1 minute early. Trains may depart from origin stations 1 minute early in the UK.

Heading out of Edinburgh.

Passing by Hitachi Craigentinny Train Maintenance Centre.

Passing by the junction to Tweedbank on the Borders Railway.

Musselburgh Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Musselburgh Railway Station.

ScotRail station signs are in English and Gaelic.

Heading out to the country.

Wallyford Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Wallyford Railway Station.

Prestonpans Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Prestonpans Railway Station.

Longniddry Railway Station

Passing a Edinburgh-bound service at Longniddry Railway Station.

Making a brief stop at Longniddry Railway Station.

Drem Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Drem Railway Station. This is the junction station for the North Berwick Branch.

Heading on to the North Berwick Branch after departing from Drem Railway Station.

Heading off the East Coast Main Line to Newcastle and London.

The North Berwick Branch is single-tracked and passes through rural countryside.

Some sheep along the way.

Passing through a rock cutting.

More sprawling fields along the way.

North Berwick Railway Station

Arriving at North Berwick Railway Station would be obvious as the train crawls in to the station due to the buffer stop ahead.

My ScotRail North Berwick Line 2Y22 arrived at North Berwick at 12.42pm – 3 minutes early.

North Berwick is a simple railway station with just 1 line and 1 platform. The main exit is at the end of the line.

Looking back at 385033 which will form the next service almost immediately back to Edinburgh Waverley.

There are signs at the end of the station to point you in the general direction of where you might want to go in North Berwick.

There is a car park at the end of the line for train passengers.

The façade of North Berwick Railway Station.

Most passengers here on a day trip would be heading to the town centre or beach.

Cross the road and follow the road down.

More signs are at junctions pointing you to the right direction.

North Berwick town centre and beaches are about a 10-minute walk from North Berwick Railway Station.


The ScotRail North Berwick Line offers a short getaway from Edinburgh at just 33 minutes advertised on schedule, and which took just 31 minutes on my journey. The North Berwick train does get busy on weekends so you might want to board early to secure a comfortable seat or risk standing for the journey.

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