Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo Discontinues Japanese Railway Diorama Rental For Public

Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo has announced that they will discontinue the rental diorama service for ordinary members of public with immediate effect from Sunday, 13 March 2022. This is due to members of public treating the café’s N-scale diorama as a playground for children and toddlers, which Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo is not designed for such purposes.

Regular customers and special guests are still welcome to rent the diorama at Shinjuku Kissa Tetsudo. Existing tickets remain valid for the rest of 2022. Special guests must be adults first before bringing children to the diorama. Spend between $500 to $1000 to become a special guest.

Source: @shinjuku_kissa_tetsudo Instagram

During non-rental periods, the diorama seats are now open for regular dine-in, presumably subject to seat fee. Well behaved children may only accompany their parents at the rate of 1 child per parent per 2 cups of coffee ordered. Coffee can be exchanged for other drinks upon request. Baby chairs are not available.

Source: @shinjuku_kissa_tetsudo Instagram

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