Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line from Sentosa to Harbourfront by Cable Car

With my one-day Singapoliday coming to a close, I headed back to the Sentosa station on the for the last leg of my Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line round-trip ticket included in my Gai Gai Tour purchase, heading back out to Harbourfront station.

The cable car boarding point is accessed by walking through the Singapore Cable Car Gift Shop first.

The queuing area of the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line (and storage area after service hours).

Heading to scan my SafeEntry, temperature, and ticket by the staff before boarding.

Boarding the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Line.

Flying out of Sentosa station.

Passing over Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Quite a somber sight to see a dried-out waterpark. But I guess it’s a necessity during this period if operational costs might be higher than leaving it closed.

Approaching Cable Car Tower 2.

The empty SCC@HarbourFront seen from above.

The skyline of downtown Singapore from the cable car. Maybe this is the main reason why the cable car line had to be raised in 2010, if not you can’t see the buildings any more since they keep growing higher and higher.

Descending smoothly into Harbourfront station in HarbourFront Tower Two.

Mount Faber is ahead, but my ticket only brings me back to my starting point. Plus, I had no plans to walk down from Mount Faber anyway, since all I would have is an expired ticket.

Heading into Harbourfront cable car station.

Goodbye cable cars, for now.

With no crowds to clear, the staff sprayed the cable car I just got off, but put the group in the queue to a cable car behind instead.

Heading to the lifts to head down back on to ground level.

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I press the 16th floor.

Heading out of HarbourFront Tower Two.

Overall, an interesting day being like a tourist in my own country, joining tours on the history of Sentosa and Singapore, visiting tourist attractions, and eating tourist foods. You should try the Gai Gai Tour and Sentosa Island Bus Tour too while they are cheap or even free during this period.

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