SkyPark Link 2808up from Terminal Skypark to KL Sentral by Train (81 Class EMU05)

SkyPark Link 2808up Train from Terminal Skypark to KL Sentral

After sighting the 81 Class EMU when arriving on my SkyPark Link 2809dn, it was a sprint for me to catch the set on SkyPark Link 2808up within 6 minutes. It was an extremely short visit to Terminal Skypark, but the main point of this joyride is to find the elusive 81 Class EMU anyway.

Terminal Skypark Railway Station

Hello 81 Class EMU05 operating on SkyPark Link 2808up. It’s been a while.

The interior of 81 Class EMU05.

Seats are laid out in a 2+2 configuration. in the cab cars, seats are facing the direction of the cab.

Seats in the middle car face forwards and reverse in even numbers, pointing away from each other from the middle.

A bulkhead divides the 2 sections of the middle car in the middle.

An original bulkhead by the door remains in the middle car.

On the other end, the bulkhead has been removed, with grab poles installed in its place.

The builder plate of Jenbacher Transport.

Space in the cab cars by the front door has been created by removing the bulkhead and some seats to provide extra standing area and improve passenger flow within the train car. This had been done earlier when the 81 Class EMU was in regular operation in the KTM Komuter Central Sector and not with this latest refurbishment.

Grab poles and handgrips are added at the standing area.

The end compartments have been retained, most likely due to the equipment boxes fitted as a bulkhead which cannot be removed.

The end compartments now fit just 10 seats.

More space is needed to access the emergency equipment placed in the compartment, hence seats have been removed.

Seat numbers have been added on reinstated overhead luggage racks.

The SkyPark Link 2808up departed from Terminal Skypark on the down track.

Passing by the former line to Subang Airport Railway Station.

Merging with the KTM Pelabuhan Klang Line, crossing from the KTM SkyPark Line down line to the KTM Pelabuhan Klang Line up line here.

What happened, Empire Subang?

Passing under the LRT Kelana Jaya Line tracks.

Approaching Subang Jaya Railway Station.

Subang Jaya Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Subang Jaya Railway Station.

My SkyPark Link 2808up arrived at Subang Jaya Railway Station before time, so there was about 2 minutes for me to get an exterior shot of 81 Class EMU05 at Subang Jaya.

Passing by Subang Ria Recreational Park.

Passing by Kontena Nasional Inland Clearance Depot (KNICD).

Passing through Simpang Pelabuhan Klang approaching KL Sentral.

DMIA DD51 locomotives were working around Bangsar on the KVDT project.

My SkyPark Link 2808up made a stop outside KL Sentral for quite a while to allow ETS Gold 9420up from Gemas to Padang Besar to overtake and use the platform at KL Sentral first.

Entering KL Sentral.

Sentral Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (KL Sentral)

My SkyPark Link 2808up arrived at  KL Sentral at 10.57am – 10 minutes delayed.

The destination of Terminal Skypark displayed on 81 Class EMU05.

After alighting me, the 81 Class EMU05 went off service back to Sentul EMU Depot. Looks like I had caught the last 81 Class train of the day.

Heading out of the SkyPark Link paid area at KL Sentral Gate A.


It was a lucky catch for the 81 Class EMU for me as I had arrived at Terminal Skypark only minutes before the SkyPark Link 2808up was about to depart which had the elusive 81 Class EMU operating on it, and the 81 Class EMU05 set went off service for the day after my trip. A fruitful joyriding trip to Terminal Skypark for the 81 Class EMU this morning for me.

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