SkyPark Link 2809dn from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark by Train (83 Class EMU33)

SkyPark Link 2809dn Train from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark

SkyPark Link is an airport express train service between KL Sentral and Subang Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. There were sightings of an 81 Class EMU operating on the SkyPark Link, so during a free morning in KL, I decided to try my luck in hoping to joyride on the 81 Class EMU set.

Sentral Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (KL Sentral)

The SkyPark Link departs from Gate A.

I used a token for this trip as my Touch ‘n Go value was running low and many Touch ‘n Go kiosks around the whole of Malaysia was not working during my visit. The cash fare for the SkyPark Link from KL Sentral to Terminal Skypark costs RM4.

Tapping my token on the fare gate.

Heading down the escalator to the platform.

The station sign of KL Sentral.

With 11 minutes to departure, there was still no sign of a train at either Platforms 1 or 2.

A regular SkyPark Link 83 Class EMU set soon arrived at KL Sentral.

83 Class EMU33 would be my ride to Subang Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. No 81 Class EMU for me on this departure.

However, the doors remained closed while the train was resting at the platform.

The doors only opened 5 minutes before departure for boarding.

With an almost empty train as usual, I picked a full window seat for this journey.

The legroom available on board the SkyPark Link 83 Class EMU trains fitted with former 81 Class EMU seats.

Departing from KL Sentral on time at 9.25am.

The window seat did not offer much view as the SkyPark Link window sticker blurs all views.

A luggage rack is available at the ends of the SkyPark Link 83 Class EMU train.

A priority seating area is also available at the ends of the SkyPark Link 83 Class EMU train.

A Muslim travelling prayer is located on the bulkheads by the gangway between train cars.

The interior of SkyPark Link 83 Class EMU33.

Subang Jaya Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Subang Jaya Railway Station.

Splitting off the main KTM Pelabuhan Klang Line onto the KTM SkyPark Line.

Terminal Skypark Railway Station

My SkyPark Link 2809dn arrived at Terminal Skypark Railway Station at 10.04am – 2 minutes delayed.

And look what’s on the other track ready to depart to KL Sentral.

I quickly headed down to prepare for the SkyPark Link 2808up train journey back to KL Sentral departing in 6 minutes operating with the 81 Class EMU.

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