SMRT Circle Line Alstom Metropolis Batch 2

As part of LTA contract C830C, 24 new additional trains are ordered to boost the capacity of the Circle Line. The first of these trains is now in passenger service. The new trains were launched on 26 June 2015.

Exterior-wise, the new trains sport the same livery as the first batch, with brighter headlights.

The new interior colours of the 3 cars, a move away from the usual maroon, green and blue colour schemes.

The air-conditioning strip has also been extended towards the cab area of the trains, with brighter lighting as well. The design of the emergency detrainment door has also been changed.

The gangway area also has better lighting, and a new gangway design.

Also added from production are three rows of handgrips, more aesthetically pleasing than the ones haphazardly added across all older trains. The handgrips are also placed higher than the older train sets.

A platform gap filler is also added for the new trains, similar to the Downtown Line.

The most useful feature on board is the Dynamic Route Map Display which tells you your location, direction of travel, the service line, and which side the doors will be opening from.

4 trains are ready for service, out of 24 new trains ordered. When all 24 trains are in service, it would boost the capacity of the Circle Line by about 60% and reduce waiting times to less than 3 minutes.

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