A Preview of State Railway of Thailand 115 New CRRC Changchun Coaches

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The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) launched its flagship trains in 2016, offering new levels of comfort on all mainline routes. A total of 115 coaches from CRRC Changchun were ordered, forming 9 rakes inclusive of 8 in regular usage and 1 spare. The new coaches are also a platform for SRT to create a new image of service, add more facilities to trains and focus on Thai-style service and dressing.

The new CRRC coaches run on 4 main routes daily, namely, the Bangkok – Hat Yai “Thaksinarath“, the Bangkok – Chiang Mai “Uttrawithi“, the Bangkok – Nong Khai “Isan Mankha” and the Bangkok – Ubon Ratchathani “Isan Wattana“.

Air-Conditioned First Class Day & Night Coach (ANFCN)

  • Twin-sharing cabins with convertible seat and mattress
  • Reading Light
  • Individual 220 Volt Power Socket
  • LED Touch Screen Entertainment and Food Ordering System
  • Closed-Circuit Television System
  • Individual Sink in Cabin
  • Toilet
  • Urinal Room
  • Shower Room

There is a single First Class coach on this train with 12 twin-sharing compartments.

In the day, the compartment is formed of two seats on the lower mattress, with an optional fold-out side table.

Within the compartment, there is ample luggage storage space if you remove the pillows, with an additional recess by the top berth on top of the main entrance door.

A small sink is also available in the compartment. The doors between certain compartments can also be opened to cater to groups of 4.

Air-Conditioned Second Class Day & Night Coach (ANSCN)

  • Convertible seat and mattress
  • Reading Light
  • Individual 220 Volt Power Socket
  • Information Monitor
  • Closed-Circuit Television System
  • Toilet
  • Urinal Room
  • Wash Basin Area

There are a total of 10 ANSCN coaches on each train, including one which is wheelchair-accessible. Each coach consists of 40 seats, converting into 20 lower berths and 20 upper berths at night, with the exception of the wheelchair-accessible coach with a capacity of 36 passengers.

In the day configuration, each bay is formed of 2 facing seats.

The upper berths are folded up for better air flow.

An information screen is provided along the aisle with regards to the train’s current status.

For gentlemen, there is a urinal-only room.

For both genders, there are also western-style toilets. As compared to previous coaches, there is no squat-type toilets and all of them operate with a vacuum system.

As a nod to both Thai and Chinese-style coaches, a wash basin area is also provided.

To open the gangway doors, simply touch on the door button.

The gangway is also easier to walk on with luggage as the whole rake is permanently coupled, allowing for a closed gangway.

The wheelchair-accessible Second Class coach is easily found with the bold maroon livery on the door and the wheelchair symbol.

Air-Conditioned Second Class Day & Night Coach with Handicap Facility (ANSHC)

  • Convertible seat and mattress
  • Reading Light
  • Individual 220 Volt Power Socket
  • Information Monitor
  • Closed-Circuit Television System
  • Toilet
  • Urinal Room
  • Wash Basin Area
  • 2 Special Berths with Handicap Facilities

After pushing the passenger-in-wheelchair to the seat, the wheelchair may be stored on the dedicated racks.

A bigger wheelchair-accessible toilet is also found on this coach.

The configuration of this coach has been partially set to night mode by the attendant as there was already a passenger in wheelchair on board.

The seats on the unconverted lower berth with a lower headroom.

Similar to existing coaches, there is no view on the upper berth .

Each berth comes with its own individual reading light and power socket.

To ascend up to the upper berth, use the fold-out steps.

The information screen rotates between the train’s timetable and geographical position.

The dedicated wheelchair lift folds in compactly by the train doors.

Air-Conditioned Restaurant Car (ARCCN)

  • Seating Area for 32 Passengers
  • Closed-Circuit Television System
  • LED Display showing Food and Beverages
  • Bar Counter
  • Coffee Machine
  • Kitchen
  • Free WiFi

Should you prefer to dine in the restaurant car instead of having meals delivered to your seat, or miss out on ordering when the catering staff comes around, there are 8 tables available to dine in at.

There is a counter for you to order your food and fresh coffee.

The drinks menu on board. Click here to view the full-sized image.

Coffee is freshly prepared with this coffee machine.

If you prefer to be unadventurous, you can also opt for Coke and Sprite.

Free WiFi is also available in the restaurant car.

A separate area as a standing bar or wheelchair-accessible area is also available.

Train Consist

Image source: State Railway of Thailand

Timetable from SRT’s website

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Journey Experiences

Video courtesy of Dinie Razin.

Booking Methods

  • SRT counters
  • Online from 12Go Asia (joint ticketing with connecting trains available)

Tickets are open for sale 60 days before departure.

How do I book tickets online?

Click here for a step-by-step guide for 12Go Asia.


  1. HI

    I went to the main Bangkok station Hualampong to book this train but was told it was full for the next week and the only tickets available were for the 3rd class seats, no sleepers anywhere. I got out of the line and thought about trying to do the journey in sections. My visa was running out so I had to go. When I had worked out a plan I lined up again but in a different line. I told the new ticket seller what was going on and she said there were sleepers available today, did I want upper or lower. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try more than once.

    You need warm clothing as the ac is very cold. There are a lot of bright lights and they left the lights on all night. An eye mask could be good.

    The train arrived 15 minutes early.

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