Thameslink 9R29 from Redhill to Gatwick Airport by Train

Thameslink Train from Redhill to Gatwick Airport

From my Great Western Railway 2O40 train from Reading which arrived early, I had the opportunity to connect with the awaiting Thameslink train bound for Gatwick Airport. However, as the transfer window was really small of about 2 minutes, it was a sprint through the underpass to transfer from Platform 0 to Platform 3.

Redhill Railway Station

Taking the underpass down under the tracks to change platforms.

Thanks to the long Thameslink train, a train door was in front of me, and I hurriedly pressed the button to open the door.

And I made it on board just in time before the doors were locked for departure.

The Redhill-Tonbridge Line splits off south of Redhill Railway Station.

Train information is displayed on the screens along the Thameslink train.

Earlswood Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Earlswood Railway Station.

This stopper train takes the slow line towards Gatwick Airport, with the separate fast line parallel to it.

Salfords Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Salfords Railway Station with a fast Thameslink train overtaking on the fast line.

Horley Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Horley Railway Station.

A short but important ride to make my flight, the next stop was finally Gatwick Airport.

Passing by the Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit South Terminal Station. I will need to get on the Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit to head on to the North Terminal after this.

Gatwick Airport Railway Station is undergoing renovation works.

Gatwick Airport Railway Station

Arriving at Gatwick Airport Railway Station.

My Thameslink 9R29 train from Redhill arrived at Gatwick Airport at 3.07pm – 2 minute early.

This train will rest here before heading back up to Bedford.

Heading up the escalator to the exit.

Heading past the hoardings on the link bridge.

Heading through the gate line.

The exit gate line leads directly into London Gatwick Airport South Terminal. From here, I changed to the Gatwick Airport Shuttle Transit to get to the North Terminal for my easyJet flight to Berlin.


Overall, the 3 trains from Oxford to Gatwick Airport were a marathon to travel which required sprinting, but it was fine with just cabin baggage on me. The train journey time was also shorter than the direct the airline LGW bus even after missing my connection at Reading. With a 26-30 Railcard, the train fares and journey time are a good way to travel from Oxford to Gatwick Airport.

Oxford to Gatwick Airport by Train Travel Experience:

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